Jesus is not your personal savior, but…does jesus like gurdjieff sometimes eat some of his sheep? moral: gurdjieffianity destroyed trust in xtianity…

I make no exception with the hallowed jesus: he is not what the doctrine claims…However….the xtian greater church, as much as we might dislike it, does have a percentage basis of interaction with it followers. That make sits expose difficult and obscure. You can ask for help and get it, sometimes…this has nothing to do with Jesus, surely…he is long gone (and probably eats a few of his sheep now and then, like Gurdjieff….)

Still, it is time to move on here…

http://www.amazon.com/review/R2O7Q8J0FV7SOF/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm I revised my review of Adhyshanti’s book: Jesus is not a buddha preaching enlightenment. This propaganda is unfair xtians ztruggling to figure out their religion, which virtually never allows converts to reach enlighenment.

However, xtianity can ‘save’ people, in its own obscure fashion, ….

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