the Ouspensky asset…

Almost my entire interaction with Osho has been a waste. I think he saw the Ouspensky connection and saw the chance to get a ‘property’ where everyone else was an Ouspensky hater. But I think Osho failed here: he turned the Ouspensky entity into a caged pseudo-disciple, one he wouldn’t even allow contact with his commune. He wished to exploit this mysterious man for his work, and yet he also wished to destroy him. Time for a goodbye, and a good trek out of the zone of influence, ..

I can’t stop these people if they think I was Ouspensky, but I have to be on my way.

Note: I have never made any claim to having been Ouspensky, but have been forced to deal with this idiotic question anyway…

All this said: there could be a way that sannyasins could help here.
I think the Gurdjieff ‘work’ should be abandoned, and it might help to direct the remnant to the Osho field, as Osho himself suggested.

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