More on that fascist fart front the Dalai Lama and the heil hitler wing of the buddhist sangha, very compasssionate…

Meanwhile the real culprits in the buddhist sangha remain invisible. I have, if you recall, demanded the Tibetan buddhist organization disband, be wiped off the face of the earth (speaking non-violently). We don’t need a gang of ‘buddhist’ fascists bent on their last chance at world domination running an outfit of clown bodhissatwas (i.e. people who are guaranteed to be without consciousness) under the leadership of a sweet zero like the Dalai Lama. These people will predictably support rightist social organization.
In the same fashion the Gurdjieff world consistently screws liberals and will attempt to destroy those further left. Gurdjieff and others were part of the deep background of the sources of the neoliberal generation and the period at the end of the nineteenth century is a strangely unnerving source of the many movements trying to destroy modern democracy. The age of Nietzsche…

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