Impudent Gold comment Update, 2019: I would be glad to meet Gold face to face, what idiocy…Gold NEVER mixes with his public…he would be murdered almost at once, such is the fury of hatred he creates..)
Jake said,
05.22.15 at 4:08 pm ·
LMAO at the fools attacking Gold… none have the courage to meet with him face to face… fools and cowards.
nemo said,
05.23.15 at 6:04 am

LMAO? what’s that. You sound like Gold wants to meet anyone face to face. He is heavily protected behind a near phalanx of protection.
So the lack of courage is on the other side. I can think of dozens of critics who would be more than happy to confront this coward who uses black magic behind his protectors against powerless people who have no proof he has mindfuck3ed screwed, invultuated, quite possibly ‘murdered’

It is not foolish to attack fascists, who believe in genocidal mass murder.
Gold has over the years attracted hundreds to his site/game, obtained their surrender/allegiance/sign on dotted line (surrender means in the fine print absolute surrender, signing your life away),and then sending them packing so he and his sufi cohorts can exploit an exterior ‘disciple’ without anyone knowing what is going on. It is outrageous. Outrageous. All of Gold’s students need to be declared free and dis-surrendered, effective immediately.
This is how the sufi slave markets work. And many will remain entangled in their next lives. These people need to learn to abjure the work, sufis, gold, gurdjieff, gurus, surrender, and absolute obedience. ASAP. Certainly prior to death.

Ouspensky did no less and was very exact about abjuring Gurdjieff and the work at death…

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