3 way system of murder…nonsense cover for Osho attack…?

I keep assuming gurus like me, but even a cursory review of my own blog here would suggest that I have stepped on the corns of the high and holy to a degree that spells ‘going ape’ and plotting revenge, this from enlightened (phantoms).

I think the whole game is wrong, and/or corrupt. What leaves me suspicious is that I was fully ‘surrendered’ on the first day I joined the new age movement. That is not good enough for these creepy gurus: they want non-surrender so they can destroy the ‘will’.
And I don’t buy that. At the beginning I had respect and reverence for Osho, at the end nothing left.

It cannot lead to enlightenment for a dead spirit to consume the will of a living person. It leads only to the result we see from ‘destroying ego’: nervous breakdown without enlightenment. What’s going on here?

The second world war made it clear: you can ask obedience (here, military), but if the demand is for genocide then that allegiance is void…It can’t be any different in the guru world.
One possibility is that the path to enlightenment (but not enlightenment) is mostly a fiction and the ‘surrender’ of disciples allows a circle of beings to share the energy (note, ‘energy’) of an ‘enlightened’ circle. That would indeed require total loss of identity to a group consciousness.

I don’t know, but the end of the line is here, for all these gurus.

I have in any case lost my Osho connection, if it was there. So anything said about ‘him’ is up in the air…

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