with commune caput ‘buddhism’ is losing its future…

One thing Osho seems to have sensed is the need for a ‘neo-buddhism’.

The Buddhist Sangha is caput and has no real future, despite its probable persistence. Tibetan buddhism with is fascist ambiguity is one of the things which will kill off the legacy of Gautama who seems to have sabotaged the future.

I think Osho commune is so second rate it can’t foot the bill. And the Hindu spectrum from yoga to yoga (exercise, sadhana) is not adequate for a planetary movement. The thousands who approach will end up recycled/reincarnating in hindusim: they deserve better.
So the usual guru circuity from Ramana Maharsi to the rest of the fag end is out, although they will try hard to pretend otherwise….

There is one chance: a Jain style teertanker sequence with Osho as the zeroth crashlanding. A new exemplar is needed, but he/she has to be good, really good. But it will be hard to match Osho, let alone surpass him. I am not the candidate but I have tried to give some hints…you are on your own…

You cannot use Tibetan buddhism here: it is a political movement of dead boddhisattwas and can go nowhere. Even it if didn’t have a fascist suspected past…

It will probably be necessary to throw out the Osho initiative and start over.

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