Dumping a last sufi link…

In my account of the sufi seed-plexus phenomenon I assumed I was no longer a carrier and then thought otherwise as mysterious entities cast a spell to make me say in public on this blog what my status was, with the suspicion in the background that many other frustrated failures here might be looking for a carrier to rip off. This blog I suspect has caused some ‘sufis’ to have their spiritual powers stripped away, leaving them with nothing, these who were once carriers and transmitters, and some jews.

I find that hard to believe. But they would thence be on the lookout for a hapless carrier to rip off..

This blog with its compulsive ‘truth’ telling on a secret subject answered their questions I hope, but recently I have ‘overheard’ someone checking me out (gold group?) with a message over the waves that I was still a carrier but that the entity was damaged. The Osho entity was apparently right to disregard the presence of this and consider it would be stripped out during bardo transition.

A fortunate later than sooner exit from sufi land, at least free from the clutches of the sufi hyenas and sufi slave markets…if I can trust this whispers on the astral plane to be more than my own imagination…

One useful aspect (scrapping the barrel in a dismal subject) of this is that public info would jolt many new agers to their socks, make them realize they missed everthing, their path was nonsense, and they are at the mercy of multiple big devils….

There is also the method of the man with the million pound note…Knowing something exists, and that you missed it, or that you might just carry the info with the prospect of finding the real thing, and help to prepare for such a thing without being a victim. One could simply refuse to play ball until some understanding was given.

In any case interacting with sufis was an incredible waste of time…

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