I am exhausted by these spiritual perverts…pandit knapping is the equivalent of murder…// sufi/guru rendition etc…

I am the son of a Protestant minister, never harmed anyone, and yet now am beset over and over by this gang of sufi/indian guru psychopaths who think they must destroy anyone who won’t submit to their will.
Enough is enough. These people have virtually destroyed the Indic, buddhist, and sufi traditions. I don’t owe these people anything, nor do I need to submit to psychic surgery amounting to lobotomy to be a dead zombie as we see in so much of the buddhist tradition.
surrender cannot mean guru creation of a zombie team for the future
destruction of autonomy without allowing higher awareness
creating fake enlightenment for zombie crews of ‘boddhissattwas’
using zombie disciples for fascist political movements (or leftist ones for that matter, has never happened)

Osho know that real enlightenment came without a guru. What is the status of disciples now then?

Consider the phenomenon of rendition: second lifers in a guru circuit are deprived of their social protection and may be placed out of the awareness of anyone who can prevent exploitation, torture, or manufactured ‘energy’ drone sources.
Not even buddhas can be trusted here.
Rendition at Amazon prime

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