Rogue sufism and control of plexus/x …best to give it a wide berth…

The issue of the seed-plexus phenomenon has been left in frustrating ambiguity.
Best to just know about it and pass on for the nonce. There is no chance of getting anything correct in such a morass of disinfo. But the knowledge of the existence of such mysterious spiritual ‘technologies’ can be a guide to the future. In the current context this ‘technology’ sets you up for the sufi slave markets and is to be avoided. In the process I would bypass sufism and gurdjieffianity. These are cabals of devils and don’t intend to help you with you spiritual path (guffaw)….

By making these issues public I hope that it will force the issue on public accountability. But this could backfire and allow rogue sufis to carrot dangle all this to exploit. Consider the irony: making it public scrambles the method. The original must have required great trust among a cloistered group of virtuous people
But this tech can’t fall into the hands of mafias or covert spy agencies who could create drone beings condemned to endless suffering. We have already noted the connection to ‘jewish nazis’! People will do anything to gain control of this. I don’t think they can succeed.

The whole question is completely useless at this point. I am not promoting anything. Making such info public will I hope shut down a sufi exploitation racket and demand this spiritual method be done right.

Man as he is has a sufficient strong ‘soul’ structure to persist through many lives and can achieve completion of his being without mephistophelean help from sufi psychopaths.

Note my motivation here: I am no friend of sufis. A spiritual technology such as this made public will ‘discombobulate’ the centepedes…make its use come to a stop because everyone will know what they don’t know, and sufi lies and invultuation will be harder.

The whole question of sufism to a relative outsider like myself has always been confused with the issue of ‘demiurgic powers’, to use Bennett’s phrase (to which he gives a false definition) and/or alien questions. There are many hints of such connections from various sufi sources. Which means nothing among such liars.

The point here is that soul technologies must source in such cosmic powers, and perhaps such are the only ones that can deal with this situation.
Let me note the hint in Last and First Men that among such powers are those who represent an ‘esoteric left’. Don’t let reactionaries like Gurdjieff bamboozle you.

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