These sufi/guru gangsters didn’t figure on the Internet..shri so and so caught with his pants down, full story on the Internet…

I notice over the years that these guru/sheiks got their victims to touch briefly if at all the ashram space, and then made them move off in a kind of rendition that made evil practices, sacrifice, invultuation, experimental torture, or just torture. Any failure to submit results in more torture….

Then after 2000 or so the opportunity arose to expose these tactics. Imagine if there were no Internet. The Gurdjieff Con would not exist, and the attempt of these fascist buddhas and sufi jerkoffs to murder in private suddenly becomes public on the internet. And all the groupies with their tickets to India, their ‘special’ status near the source (in reality they are simply decoys), are the best cover, truly stupid people. I can think of no group more stupid than Osho’s. It was useful to gain publicity and traction but they are useless. Now they need to bushwhack people like me, who have to be tortured because they won’t submit to stupid dictator buddahs.

I see no evidence of any compassion in these figures.

I think the stupid groupie set should learn what they are fronting for.

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