Don’t let that fart the dalai lama and the deep fascist core behind him create a fascist esotericism out of modern buddhists.

Don’t let these gurus or the Tibetans turn spiritual obedience into a venue of occult fascist control.

It is time to move to destroy the mystique of the gurus, and void all surrenders. The movement of buddhism is a stealth antimodern fascist movement with a whole population of dupes.

We don’t need this. We can’t rewrite modern civilization with a corrupt buddhism created to govern a medieval Tibetan feudalism. How did this idiotic waste product of buddhism manage this stupidty. With the fall of nazism, that was the end of it. The remnant is just a bunch of hasbeens trying to reinvent a dead fascism.

Time to simply dismantle Tibetan buddhism. It is something almost empty behind its facade.

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