Just as I thought…advaita in its current form is doomed…Shankara as a hindu chauvinist…

Looking at The Advaita Worldview Anatanand Rambachan we see the expose of the real Sankara, who insisted the student must be of brahman caste…there’s more…

The Advaita movement is a process of casting the core teaching into a global field, and the issue isn’t really negotiable. Wake up: You CAN’T talk about spiritual masters and the need for surrender if their legacy is to enforce caste.
I have often been surprised at the virulence of hatred directed toward me (it comes from many directions, to be sure), but one is quite obviously my critique of hinduism and caste. New Agers fail to realize their position here, and the way it will collapse in the end. In fact Advaita is being rapidly stolen away into a global movement, so we will see what happens.

My suspicious reservations in advance (scroll down) are thus confirmed, and Shanakara is exposed as a hindu chauvinist…

I anticipated this problem and tried to show how Advaita has no intrinsic connection with hinduism. I surely predates the ‘hindu’ hybridization with Aryan ideology which will prove the destruction of Indian religion….Advaita will survive because it is not hindu…


Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an adv

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