Time to abandon Tibetan buddhism…Heil Gautama…ditto for that fart the Dalai Lama..Tell Bob Thurman to put his ‘heil hitler’ in public, more honest for a jewish front

Almost all new age buddhists are good liberal people. The slow but steady effort to remorph such people into an unconscious antimodern fascism is the final last gasp of buddhism as historically known, in its modern gotterdammerung…I think the moral is that buddhism was very nice until the medieval period, and its modern degeneration means Gautama dissolved into final nothing, and his sangha become possessed literally by demonic entities. Demons to me are fictions of dead monotheism, but, BUT… but point to some reality we don’t understand (Gurdjieff dead is a good example, very concrete).

The idea that a medieval Tibetan kingdom could steer the future spiritual life of humanity was always unrealistic, but the actual facts are x100 worse…

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