Am I enlightened? a quick credentials check…

I am in a unique muddle: an enlightened person has called me enlightened. I know that’s not true, and am challenging a guru. That’s a ticket beyond gurus! to say the least. One is already enlightened, to be sure, so the real question is, as one ‘realized’ enlightenment? Again, no, but…
I still get to pull rank on the buddhas, however…
This springs from my Oregon journey and the mysterious moment as I was walking toward the Osho Commune.
Mysterious Darshan

This was not an experience of enlightenment, although it some ways it was something better, in some worse something very much lesser. Ouspensky was in search of the miraculous. Wrong game. Aim higher.

My experience was like that. Not enlightenment but a stirring of the ‘will’ or else something else’s ‘will’, Schopenhauer’s ‘thing in itself’ or the ‘will in nature’, or…maybe..

One gazes outwards and sees that whole freight trains are subject to acts of will in a repainting of the canvas of eye-ball reality. How? incomprehensible, unless illusory. Or maybe it is just a case of the cosmic cuckoo clock, the cuckoo sounds at midnight, at two in the afternoon.
I have had this ‘experience’ (not that, a deduction) several times, so it has nothing to do with Osho’s buddhafield. I was drunk at the time, so it was hardly a case of cosmic consciousness, but, well, close. Being drunk is hardly worse than ordinary mechanical consciousness, drunk or not…
Fooledya, sho-0…
Aim higher. Stay away from Crowley-style ‘witch-hunts’ for your ‘true will’. The very simple reality will occur as a by-product one day of some other meditation.

As noted, I still get to pull rank on the buddhas…

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