Apologies, etc…this is not normal BUT…disrespect is your best weapon against vicious gurus… (but ass front and fart isn’t disrespectful enough)

dead link

We are talking about extreme situations here, and they exist. The pampered disciples in the public proximity of a guru conceal a darker reality. And a majority of gurus are harmless. But the dangers are very real, and we must in shock wonder how many victims spread across the globe are suffering in ignorance of what even happened.

Note some of the dangers here: you approach a guru,surrender, leave the proximity and are enslaved forever over many lives because you gave your consent.

Surrender means
you have no further say in your future
have abandoned your future lives to some dead guru playing you like a videogame
become a profitable source of ‘conscious energy production’ in a plantation of disciple slaves
become a useful field of experiments to which surrender gave our consent
can be sued for horrific ‘baraka’ production using forms of torture, the ‘work’ a la Gurdjieff…
this is a short list…
the basic point is that ‘surrender of the will’ can be subject to interpretation by rules never made public to you in the moment of stupid humility.
Go see Django Unchained to see what happens to ‘masters’ who control slaves…
I must wonder at the endless permutations here…What grounds would you have for trust? Not the slightest warning was ever given….It is sick ,sadistic, corrupt, stupid, hellish….

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