Jesus was/is not your personal savior…

As we discover the hidden malevolence of the sufi/guru world the realm of the Jesus cult is going to collapse.

Jesus was the symbol for an authoritarian system whose real character was concealed but we must now suspect the worst kind of abuses, and on a scale we can hardly imagine. At the same time Xtianity provided a kind of protection for whole populations, up to a point, but as we look backwards we can begin to see the real phenomenon for what it is, with a macrohistorical justification, relevant or not. But that era has passed now, and if someone like Gurdjieff speaks of ‘esoteric xtianity’ then the truth is out. This was an outfit run by and for devils, with a limited public function of astral protection,up to a point. But like any large corporation the profit was elsewhere…

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