Stopping an ‘Osho religion’ in its tracks…

We don’t need another form of ‘religious’ domination based on the Osho corpus, but that is what is underway behind the scenes, with the murder of dissent of those who suspect what is going on. The Gurdjieff equivalent is even more malevolent, but it has been exposed and is a cripple at this point, despite the huge market for Gurdjieff’s lies, and false/fake teachings, like the enneagram.

In a religion, anyone who approaches enlightenment will have his wings clipped, be murdered or put back to sleep, save only a few public ‘success stories’. The record of Xtianity is clear: despite clear connections with buddhism, the idea of the path to enlightenment was suppressed for millennia, as fake practices were promoted as mind control. The same became true of buddhism, although it had at least some periods of real practice. But on the whole the average buddhist was as controlled as the xtian or moslem (who had a world of sufism so completely hidden in disinfo as to be invisible). Sufism was rapidly turned into a form of domination, as the Gurdjieff case makes obvious.
Occult predation is already destroying the basis of Oshoism, and this ‘religion’ can’t even offer refuge to its own adherents, a pathetic swindle.

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