A note to Jim Buck


Jim Buck said he was going to review Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: I cautioned against it, but left it up to him. He has put up a review, which then disappeared…

Here’s my comment at Facebook: As I cautioned, you should be wary here: the G entity is a deadly demonic…You don’t have to do this…I will make a note of this at the Gurdjieff Con

It is up to Jim, and this post is simply to make a public note of the issue. The G entity would not likely attack two associated individuals, or a devoted Christian stanger, but it is good to be wary of these dead zones. This may be outside the Christian safe zone.

It is good to read Tolkien, he got some things right in complete oblivious instinct: Gandalf warns Frodo of the moment when he comes to the attention of the Dark Lord. Silly? Be advised.

The G entity had never heard of Jim Buck, now that changes…but these entities mostly require your consent to the action of a teacher, without it they are forced to black magic…with me they wouldn’t hesitate. They are out to murder me, with sweet Osho egging them on.

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