Do most buddhists end up soulless (anatta) dead zombies? the buddhist model of Oshoism? the endless rebellion and breaking the wills of disciples

Anatta has a corrupt occult possibility. The whole doctrine of anatta is a history of confusions.

One of the problems I see here (reread this blog over the last two years and you’ll get the point) with the ‘buddhist’/neo-buddhist’ approach is that the buddha has to expend immense energy breaking the wills of his own followers. All creative types have to be reduced to obedience. It is an ugly process and I am going to make sure it fails here.
It is counterproductive in the modern age, but that is just what these archaic buddhists are aiming to do, cancel modernity and return man to the master/slave status. And the worst of it is that it becomes corrupt. The dead disciple can’t be enlightened, and his essential being is consumed as food.

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