As Gurdjieff destroys trust in (esoteric) Xtianity, the doctrine of the resurrection begins to seem like a sick joke…

Did the Resurrection Happen?

We are so bemused with false trust in the legacy of spiritual teachers that we end up in the clutches of the ancient deceptions that go by the name of religion. The issue of Christianity is heavily dependent on the reverence and trust we place in the legacy and its teachers. But the sudden shock of reality with someone like Gurdjieff unwittingly exposing the ‘behind the scenes’ ‘esoteric’ aspect of Christianity is a sudden warning we cannot trust this tradition, and at that point the doctrine of the resurrection suddenly becomes a question of the credibility of its founding moments. Given the criminal mendacity of figures like Gurdjieff that trust collapses and doctrines like the resurrection suddenly stand out as fraudulent…

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