Can a tantric diddle maniac like Osho really be an enlightened buddha? ….can a mass murdering buddha plying genocide against jews be enlightened?

Beyond the question of buddhism lies the core ‘santana dharma’ and its fate and future. I think that buddhism is going to self-destruct while initiatives like Oshoism are going to be dead on arrival.

Looking at the Advaita movement in the last generation I am suspicious: a disciple of Ramana Maharsi, a dubious character created a huge proliferation of the whole field. That would be OK but it has produced very few enlightenment cases, if any.
And the Advaita shows its obvious catch 22: it cannot speak to the individual, speak about will, free will and makes ‘choiceless awareness’ its form of realization. But in an environment of crooks that is an invitation to the cannibal rackets we have been detecting here for over a year….I leave the matter with Brunton’s The Short Path, the latter being at least honest. The rest even Osho are peddling a strange game but speak of without producing ‘enlightenment’.

I am suspicious therefore even of Advaita in the form that we have. It is useful as something close to the original tradition, one suspects. But the whole game was wrecked by the Aryans. It is impossible to sort out the muddle here.

Very few at all, perhaps none, outsiders become realized. Even with buddhism this was a problem…Zen is mostly just a big Demo fake. And its medieval history (Japan, etc…) isn’t relevant to modern life.
Compare Bennett’s DU with Waite’s book on Advaita: two completely different worlds of realization.

I think Advaita is still worth studying as a fake that points to the real thing. But the whole enlightenment game has become a front for a cannibal mafia.

Thus the ‘path of enlightenment’ is becoming/has become a vexed category: the Tibetans have produced no buddhas, Milarepa apart, so their entire tradition is mostly exercise on a treadmill.
The buddhists became dead zombies used to create occult/fascist movements. NOt enlightenment. I repeat, not..

We are confused about buddhism, advaita, so therefore the whole question of enlightenment comes under suspicion….Sorry to say it but it is true. That proves nothing, of course: only that the tradition has sputtered and mostly disappeared. The point should be obvious: look at Hatha Yoga: a huge movement but one that is sterile as to any ‘path to enlightenment’.

And Osho’s movement is a great kiddie ride plus the sex, but it has produced no exemplars. Perhaps Ozen who is an insider with strong connections, and a sop to the otherwise sterile movement.

Bennett unwittingly suspected the answer: at the start of his DU he notes (and the statement was little more than boilerplate at his starting but, but it arrived at an insight) the way ‘consciousness’ resembles the electromagnetic spectrum in the immense diversity its phenomena/noumenal aspects. Whatever the true case, the ‘enlightenment’ packaged deal teachings we see are mostly disneyland of some kind…

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