Gurdjieff, demons and the enigmas of fascism/2015/01/10/gurdjieff-demons-and-the-enigmas-of-fascism/

Gurdjieff, demons and the enigmas of fascism

People are so shocked at the critique of Gurdjieff here. But that, to me, is naivete. The surface makes sense, self-remembering as a mindfulness movement of the early twentieth century. But Gurdjieff exposed himself as a devil, and Ouspensky had taken note, years before. I think that seekers in the clutches of this devil have a problem, and they need to solve it by moving on. No use waking up in a future life trying to figure out if you are enslaved by a demon guru in a previous life. All the former students of Gurdjieff will be lucky is they even ever realize what happened to them. If you have approached the Work zone, but are still a faceless person in a crowd you still have time to slip away. Do it. Your future as a peculiar Faust here is limited to ‘slave’ and ‘total surrender’ Meher Baba spoke in terms of killing people if the guru orders it. That’s naive. Mere murder. The path of a total devil is far worse than that. And many have begun to wonder if any of this, not necessarily from Gjeff, was the way the Nazi movement came about. It is hard to avoid the suspicion that occult demonology was at work here, people like Gjeff being on the fringes, but sudden aware of the awful truth of what was happening. In a coming age we will have to find out the truth of that. But first you must never surrender you will to such demons.

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