Completely destroying all new age ties…

The run of sufi (jewish?) ‘denying force’ sharks trying to profit from you spiritual failure requires total exit from all spiritual paths, disallegiance from all gurus, abjuring ‘god’, redefinition of spiritual practices, wariness as to forms of black magic, mind control, and careful study of the status of ‘god’ monotheism relative to gnostic/sufi/’dharmic’/buddhist ‘religions’.
With all these gurus the tactic is Ass Front, and fart. That’s all these dictators deserve. They want you for their fascist war on modernity. Ass Front, and Fart.

We need in this case to exit sufism, exit buddhism (several brands), exit yoga, exit Oshoism, never touch Kaballah ever again, etc,… boycott Crowleyanity, exit Gurdjieffianity. The questions of Jesus, Jesus Christ, and Christ, plus that of Mohammed are tricky but can be dealt with by the same method. Not recommended. Bluff your way past them (even as you readopt their essential true and virtuous ‘real meaning’), keeping in mind that these are religions of children and this creates complications. But walking away from Christianity/Islam is no doubt a part of this process. These are ‘new age’ cults at core. But these are also like scabs about to fall off: don’t expend all your energy fighting corpses…But when you see that these are identical cases to the rest, you can change your mind here…
You need not advocate anti-religion here and the question of ‘god’ is not really open to solution…You are dealing with your own situation, probably in the open…

The basic strategy is simply to acknowledge your modernity,or it you are a postmodernist, acknowledge you live in a new era starting with modernity, whatever that means. That’s more (new) new agism, but with time the issue of eras may become clear.
Note that many of these cultic perspectives are confounded by their rejection of modernity, and are conspired to make you exit that era (impossible). If you reject democratic modernity then you are ripe to be controlled by something that rejects modern freedom.
In sufism, buddhism you have tacitly agreed that the modern world is evil, that spiritual authority overrides autonomy, that fascist anti-modernism in the era of fascism and nazism was a valid attempt to undermine modernity, etc… It seems totally wrong here, really? Really.

The real danger is the sufistic/occult/Gurdjieffian destruction of autonomy, free will, free agency and the creation of zombie/food for god passives. As you declare your exit from these cults you reassert your autonomy…
There are a lot more things here but the basic point is clear.

A great irony attends this gesture/set of gestures: as you regain your autonomy a real path becomes possible! But don’t use old language of ‘paths’, etc…

You can easily take ordinary existence in modern times as the basis for the spiritual path you have given up. In the end there are two issues: ‘god’: reduce that to Kant plus cosmology/science/question mark. ‘consciousness’: enquire into the nature of your consciousness, study the power of attention, and consider the ancient rumors of a ‘fourth state’ of consciousness, far predating Gautama=buddhism. This can be derived from the study of the power of attention and what happens as ‘attention’ becomes one-pointed. That’s enough: the meta-god cosmological question, and the consciousness question. Why we sold ourselves to guru monsters when the two basic issues stolen by religion from the public (species) domain are basically simple is a bit baffling.
This is not the same as calling for secularism to replace religion. Religion is as secular as science. But the point is that religion emerges from a pre-modern (secular) era and is generally a toxic labyrinth of unknowns.
Note: all the core beliefs of religion could be replicated as secular philosophy. But the religion factor as control is ditched. Change your terms. Don’t use other peoples cult concepts.
This is not a version of the new atheism. The question of god is a complete waste of time. Don’t hasten people to abandon god, or to convert to god…

You can see confused versions of this thinking in the mindfulness movement: they instinctively remove all connection to religion. But the result shouldn’t be dumbed down…

The question of monotheism is tricky: too many conversions to disbelief produce a new set of fallacies. Tread carefully. The issue is mindcontrol, not theism/atheism. Theism can certainly impinge on issues of mind control.

In general rejection of religion is not rejection of the reality of a spiritual world about which we know nothing.

Abjuring god: Christianity/Islam are vulnerable religions: they are basically totalitarian orgs with schemes of torture to enforce conformity. Check that out: it’s true. You should therefore not preach atheism so much as the need to ‘abjure god’. To ‘abjure god’ means you refuse to talk to believers who think torture is appropriate for non-members. To abjure ‘god’ means that most believers misrepresent ‘god’ and therefor any agreement with them on theism will only feed the regime of torture.
‘Abjuring god’ means, ‘Fuck you, I don’t discuss ‘god’ with scumbag Christian/Moslem sadists’.

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