Nietzsche and the nazi connection/2014/11/30/nietzsche-and-the-nazi-connection/

Nietzsche and the nazi connection


The question of Nietzsche is ambiguous and I am sure Osho was thinking in terms of the world of Walter Kauffman a generation ago: the whitewashed liberal Nietzsche and all that.

That Nietzsche is gone, and it is like pulling a pistol to mention Nietzsche for many people now. You counterattack at once. And fans are suspected of closet fascism.
I have tried to pass Osho off as an exception to the closet fascism of so much Indian guruizing. But the conclusion is not secure. A commune like the Osho world is in danger of rightwing cooptation.

Or maybe not. In any case, Nietzsche is a very confusing thinker and much of the academic literature is misleading.

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