OK, now I’d mad…jewish schlemiels, an expose /2015/02/04/ok-now-id-mad-jewish-schlemiels-an-expose-i-repent-of-all-the-bad-things-said-against-jews/

OK, now I’d mad…jewish schlemiels, an expose

My solid reputation as a philosemite suffered collapse recently and I recall an old episode…I was walking down the street muttering ‘jews are all foolish schlemiels’ when who should I run into was Rabbi Rollenstein (Rolling Stone?), my revered teacher in exoteric cabala, who stopped in his tracks and berated me for stereotyping jews, ‘Nemo, you are being illogical’.the stereotype fails, what about the subset of schmucks?’ I skulked away looking over my shoulder. Egad, schmucks too! I have already provided a comprehensive resolution of the jewish question, however…

To bring a serious note into this discussion, I think the charge of schlemiele should be taken very seriously by jews, at this point. The jewish jig is up, all those schlemieles. After sixty years of Israel the charge is going to stick, as the charge of schmuck comes out in the open.

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