Ouspensky reincarnation still battling G /2014/11/18/the-endless-battle-between-ouspensky-and-gurdjieff-gurdjieff-just-lost/

The endless battle between Ouspensky and Gurdjieff… Gurdjieff just lost…

It is always time for ‘disciples’ of the Gurdjieff phantom to recall their surrender, and be prepared to move on in a new life to something new.

Those who are unknown to that now astral entity are safe and should slip away. Those in the spotlight should consider the dangers of invultuation and break free forthwith. They owe nothing to a dead ghost, and should forestall what clearly has happened to Ouspensky in his next life (in America): an endless battle to break free from the Gurdjieff capture and enslavement of ‘disciples’ over many lives. Break free now and declare your autonomy.
It is worth seeing Django and reflecting on the need for masters to use cruelty to enforce obedience. A similar situation pervades the guru/dead guru realm (I might exempt Indian ‘gurus’: everyone is too aware of what’s going on for all that)_

Ouspensky seems,by report to have spent the last thirty years fighting off the G entity and Gold. What a nightmare.
The danger of soul formation is crystallization in an era now past, one reason so many new age leaders are obsessed with the ‘new age’ being an anti-modern revolt: to keep the rules of the past from passing away. But the gesture is futile.

I hope Ouspensky can free himself here: it is not totally hard: once an astral entity comes to one’s attention it can be dismiss. You can also simply declare your will: there is absolutely no surrender beyond lives to dead gurus, who are mostly hungry ghosts, and actually hungry (for life blood, shriek)

There is nothing these dead beings can do, really: you can’t make a person born in modernity play by the rules of earlier civilizations.
The Ouspensky situation has come to the attention of other beings who won’t stand for this nonsense, so the G entity must back off, hopefully.

In the final analysis the Gurdjieff work is a tale of a ‘meditation in action’ exercise, a lot of historical fairytales about esotericism, mostly without facts, and a series of methods mentioned but too esoteric to be described. The whole teaching is almost completely made up bullshit, like the idiocy over the enneagram.

So take you ‘meditation in action’ freebie and move on. Better yet, find a hundred better versions in the public domain which won’t cost you your life in overcharges.

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