Out of the clutches of dead gurus (and other bloodsuckers)/2015/01/23/out-of-the-clutches-of-dead-gurus-an-other-bloodsuckers/

Out of the clutches of dead gurus (and other bloodsuckers)

I restored two dubious posts re: the Osho question. I need to pass on here: I have overstayed my welcome in this sphere. But every time I move away I end up back in the same confusion. I think those who preach surrender should read the post on will. They will be so terrified they will never go near a guru again. Invultuation of the will by dead entities (dead gurus) is dangerous and can lead to psychological self-destruction. I am suspicious of a lot of cases, all of a sudden. Osho the ghost, which is probably a sufi having fun discrediting Osho is making me sick.
The sad reality is that casualties are discarded: very bad for business. If that’s true of Osho disneylant fuck the lot of you.
We already know this but always have to make exceptions. This game was charming but I am getting sick of it. I fear the spiritual domain is afraid the Osho circle is going to fade away. That’ their own fault for making it such a commercial venture. They want a sacrifice from outside free of charge to fix their business. Please, spare me. The price of admission is a total lobotomy.
I think that it is obvious I am not the right person here, and can’t establish any line of communication with sannyasins. So at that point leave me alone.
I think that the predatory attacks on outside intellectuals to rescue the situation is completely wrong in principle. And it is a good way to completely waste someone who has built up over many lives somekind of spiritual core. To simply rip that off to make a fake buddha figurehead is a really scary. Dead gurus are monsters. I can’t help here. People simply don’t relate to me at all. So that’s that.
The post on ‘will’ and its study is too remote for most here: but, make no mistake, those who learn the hard way that ‘surrender’ is dangerous are ignored by the groupies near the guru who have to look plusplus in public and are left alone with shallow ‘surrender’.

A whole new game is needed. Surrender is a road to disaster.

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