Review at Amazon of book on ‘higher being bodies’

Review at Amazon of book on ‘higher being bodies’

I attempted to review this book along the lines of one commenter: noting that the chakra system is not appropriate for the Gurdjieff issue. But I suddenly stopped, needing to consider the issue further.

Confusions of chakra system and Gurdjieff’s sufistic system, February 25, 2015
John C. Landon “nemonemini”

This review is from: Higher Being Bodies: A Non-Dualistic Approach to the Fourth Way, With Hope (Paperback)
This book is the victim of a great confusion between the Indic scheme of chakras and an entirely distinct tradition referenced by Gurdjieff and incompletely discussed by him.
Gurdjieff’s discussion of higher being bodies is very indirect and he never discusses the issues of the sufistic ‘soul’ creation process. It seems he must have known of it, but discusses his thought in a theosophical brand of concepts. This book is most sadly off the mark and doesn’t grasp what Gurdjieff was talking about. The review of the book by Patterson has a lot of material on this, along with the comments there:

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