The eightfold way, to put the current new age chaos in perspective/2014/11/30/the-eightfold-way-to-put-the-current-new-age-chaos-in-perspective/

The eightfold way, to put the current new age chaos in perspective (Update: the problem is that anyone who does this ends up a ‘buddhist’ and entangled in the dead guru game of the Gautama nexus)

When getting into these guru quagmires it is useful to go back to the core ‘santana dharma’, of which buddhism is the classic exemplar, turned outwards to speak beyond India. The simplicity of the ‘eightfold path’ is a reminder that the guru game is a complex accretion that is distracting everyone. We can see that the guru question is a barely present. Be done with it.
The issue is important because the new era of spirituality is going to go through a lot of demonic reversals of the legacies of the Axial Age, and that will take the form of a lot of slick devils tricking you into shady paths. Nietzsche and Crowley, with Gurdjieff not far behind (in fact the worst), are two good examples of the coming types. Resist distraction. The basic path is pretty clear and doesn’t have to answer to Nietzsche.

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