The seed plexus phenomenon and the man with a million pound note…2015/03/20/the-seed-plexus-phenomenon-and-the-man-with-a-million-pound-note/

The seed plexus phenomenon and the man with a million pound note…

The issue of the soul plexus seed phenomenon is hard to assess. But this blog is forcing some answers. I am hearing that the statements about the Gold school are false: that the whole sufi soul game has retreated from the Gold zone and his followers. Great, I will believe anything when I see it. Trying to give jews special advantages here is something sufis would not do, so we are talking about something else. The Gold school had no control over any of this as such, as per all sufis schools.

A fascist jewish sufi isn’t a promising venue, so I see the logic of ‘confiscation’. But then people who have something to hide will cover their tracks. There is a good chance I have got this question scrambled. But I made a determination to expose the question.
Whatever the case we have done the one thing esoteric gangsters dislike: public revelations.
But I can see that once again the jewish/Xtian boundary is the source of hopeless confusion and mutual suspicion and hatred. Clearly the Islamic/sufi universal category had to be the last refuge of the monotheistic riddle. And I don’t think it has anything to do with monotheism. Someone in this mystery is suggesting taking the ‘secret’ to a communist left: if they can create a serious civilization, sufism will move into it.
Further I am told that my experience of the ‘thieves of baraka’ episode was irrelevant: there is no shortage of the requisite ‘stuff’. In fact my account here has been inconsistent, I have often thought the sufi connection had been restored, despite efforts to dump any further plexus entries. The seed phenomenon pops in and out but I ignore it totally. It is odd: if you seek it, it flees. If you flee from it it seeks you.
The question arises: how become a transmitter.
This is a strange situation that might help to show buddhists and sufis their collision in a phase of globalization. I am at the boundary of two great religious streams, with a question for the future: how will this double heritage find a resolution.
Meanwhile students of Gurdjieff would do better to simply walk away from the Gurdjieff work. It has no connection with the path it is describing and promoting. That takes the cake for cruelty. A reminder once again that spiritual mediated by devils is going to be ‘not as expected’.

I suggest a way to deal with people as ruthless as this: the old story of the man with a million pound note. You can do a lot without actually having the money. if you suspect the reality sooner or later it will have to be revealed to you.

Here the knowledge of what you don’t have is almost as good as what you do have. And you can assist ‘sufis’, 99% of whom have been deceived, to not waste their time… Ditto for the conned Gurdjieff flock.

In general I must suspect that this issue is mediated by demonic entities and is therefore a dangerous game. And the prospect of ‘immortality’ if that means a million years as a devil who never knows his master is not a pleasing prospect.
Buddhism and Indic religion proceed beyond time. Endless existence in time is not really more desirable: there, that word, desire. These things are not commodities for desire.

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