The doctrine of the Resurrection is a spurious falsehood maintained by Christian mass religious insanity…even Moslems were careful to expose it


You can’t really create a hybrid of Christianity and some kind of post-buddhist meditation path. You can do anything you want, of course, but the secular critique of Christianity has essentially won out. And in any case Indic paths were consistently wary of Christianity. To anyone but a Christian the doctrine of the Resurrection was incomprehensible. The only option at this point is to move past the doctrine either into a new Christianity or beyond it, probably the latter.
Even Moslems refused to accept this doctrine. Adhyashanti is misguided in his effort to maintain this aspect of Christianity. It has no place in a practice of a path of meditation. To create a hybrid is something hidden Christian operators would more than love to do: it would neurtralize the New Age movement and allow the trojan horse of spiritual authoritarianism in a Christian brand to enter the realm of yoga and buddhism. Why worry, it shows that all these subjects are in decline as they reach the stage of eclectic hash. But Adhyashanti puts his reputation on the line with such a dubious stance. A pity.
Be wary of Christianity: it will instantly block any path to enlightenment. The ragged fringe versions of that religion that are half secular don’t count.

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