Gurus unable to create real culture… the scale visible in the ‘macro effect’ (World History and the Eonic Effect: WHEE)

Despite the remarkable achievements of, say, medieval Japanese/buddhist culture, the fact remains that the religions of buddhism (hinduism is a different case), xtianity, islam were unable to truly found cultural civilizations. Their sages, buddhas, prophets were still not at the level of action/will required to bring such large-scale civilizations. It is important to rememeber this when someone like Osho want’s to replace modern society/government with something like the Commune as a dictatorship of the buddhas. In fact, it was obvious the Commune derailed almost at once.

It is useful to study the historical model in WHEE carefully to see the scale of emergent civilizations. In that context the appearance of buddhism was a subprocess connected with the Axial Age, or its immediate succession. xtianity and islam were middle era phenomena unaware of the correct scale of civilization. Even so xtianity performed a series of cultural fixes on basic cultural givens, but it could not truly transform culture. The same is true of Islam.

We can see the disastrous outcome of the refusal by buddhists to accept modernity and the attempt to take over the new epoch with the elements of the old

If Gurdjieff is any indication, the sufis are even worse, and couldn’t create more than a mafia dominated nightmare.

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