The Trump era will ironically break the power of the gurus, Tibetans and sufi fascists…let’s be done with fascist buddhism and stop Oshoism from taking its place…

The new age movement is a ship that is going to sink in the wake of the American election and its invisible rumored fascist deep structure about which noone can get the facts straight..

The movement needs to remorph rapidly into something that is free from the fascist manipulations and mindcontrol of the authoritarian spiritual systems of the past.
And the reality of modernity needs to be accepted as the obvious reality that it is. We are not living in the age of Aquarius, please, idiocy…

Fortunately the lastest gang of fascists is a set of rank amateurs who ended up trying to stop their own complot, without success…

The truth comes out: the fascist gurus (like Osho) don’t want to improve society, they want to destroy it and replace democracy with something less than ‘haveas corpus’: the slave life of disciples, the assholes of Oshoism being especially servile groupies and tantric diddlemaniacs.

Here is the acid test question: if the ‘enlightened gurus’ as a group are rife with crime, such as spectacular tantric diddle maniac murder ‘meditations’ turning them into death/cannibal junkies (tantric murder, do it with awareness the perps think) then just what is the significance of enlightenment? We have been had.

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