Mr. Trump, locate your dirty fart handlers with info from this blog…you are about to be ‘blessed’ with the label dirty fart yourself, jr. mode: drone fascism lite

buddhists have produced a superficially robust exoteric brand but anyone who lived through the Trungpa era (with its sufi connections, if you don’t see the connection all you need to know for suspicion’s sake is that Gurdjieff visited Tibet) needs to lead the public into an exit strategy from buddhism. We cannot let this foundation basis of buddhist idiots be the staging ground for the destruction of modern freedoms. We have made the point over and over again, but for me it was only recently that I discovered the worse reality.

Are you a buddhist prepared to be a fascist for Gautama? If so I feel sorry for you, and you will need to get some basic training in torture to proceed. Just for starters. Otherwise the feckless idiocy of imitation fascism which was found out very quickly (I was vaguely aware from the seventies) and they well that exoteric groupies are not able to reach the level of Sadist For Sangha…

It is my strong feeling that buddhism perished in the nineteenth century with its gotterdammerung in the Nazi period. After that the ‘fertilizer’ called ‘buddhism’ was dumped into the secular sphere there to turn into mulch, which means you have better start to start over or else do something else.

Fortunately, therefore, buddhist fascism 2.0 will founder in idiocy and be quickly found out. Late Buddhism was never found out til its damage was done, but now a repeat won’t work and that fart Osho is too second-rate for any of that and he made the ‘mistake’ of giving the game away…

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