A warning again: dead gurus and the Osho X entity are trying to kill me….I recommend giving the Osho sphere a wide berth…ditto for the buddhist…

I can’t fully resolve the confusion of dead gurus save to say that at the least the Osho entity can’t prevent usurpation: strong evidence there is none: it is that entity itself that has become malevolent.
I recommend move away from ‘sannyas’ to a consideration you define and which you can control. The Osho/Buddhafield spheres seize control of individuals and don’t let go without a fight, or outright murder to suppress dissent, this behind the public relations versions that seem to be open and honest.
The Osho sphere is especially cruel and sadistic, surprisingly…

We have equivocated the forms of ‘santana dharma’ and buddhism. They are all suspect but the legacy of the Upanishads/Advaita can lead to a philosophic enlightenment reflection or substitute. The highpowered game of public enlightened gurus is controlled from a deeper source.

Let me say it again: these ghosts are killers. Move on. The Indic tradition (and ditto for the sufic, but it is far less influential) has created a global cultural mess and the result requires a real ‘new age’ movement that does something different…

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