The dangers of the dead buddha zone: demand your autonomy in your true future…toward a new buddhism beyond the tradition…

The New Age movement has produced a hidden calamity for global culture in the transmission of the hidden mafia of gurus and buddhas as absolute authorities that demand you autonomy and future. Buddhism never indicates this, nor does Oshoism, whatever the case with the far more disparate Hindu morass.

We should be sounding the warning here for a new generation and devise a Reformation of new age religions, and sound the warning of just how vicious these dead entities can be if you defy their authority. Be warned, and stop this global garbage dump of the fake santana dharma destined to destroy so many unsuspecting seekers…The zombie fate is a real danger. A new approach is needed.

Buddhism is in crisis. How could it be otherwise? You pledge allegiance to a mysterious figure from over two millennia ago and enter that field with little or no correct information and without realizing that you have surrendered all your rights, future and realization. Disaster. Fortunately the larger field is so ragged that you can mostly slip away without any problem. But the core trusties are in danger, starting with the disastrous possibility that modern liberal views will be the object of attack by the authoritarian hidden fascism of the core….

Here, however, I think the ‘Gautama’ phenomenon is long gone, a disappearance in a kind of gotterdammerung. The esoteric remna

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