ALL the gurus I encountered in the last forty years were fakes…an extraordinary record…the end for me (since it never had a beginning) of the path and of anything like a new age movement…

I have encountered a lot of gurus in my life and ALL were fakes. At some point, the whole game has to be questioned…
(E.J.Gold) a fake sufi so-called: an occultist (along with Gurdjieff), doesn’t count, cannibals…black magicians/assqassins…fascists (human sacrifice, Crowley)
the above are a reminder that sordir sufis can implant devices in the uncvonscious to feed conscious energy off unsuspecting victims/disciples…Gold was paired with a ‘doubloon’ co-something or other, the owner/sex predator/porno degenerate of the san fransciso ball: something kind of magical equilibrium duet…? ..sick yoyo sufi jokes run by hidden ‘sufis’ somewhere who knows where…
one of Gold’s students, soon to be a jewish fascist complete with nazi armbands…(never a teacher for me), blasted with heavy baraka, transient…turning a jew into a fascist and blowing his brains out with baraka is ‘cute sufism’ at is most malevolent….
I once xperienc ‘sufi baraka’ a remarkable ‘packaged enlightenment’ but the energy got ripped off, thieves of baraka, by a mysterious Mr. Mustapha whom I met for only fifteen minutes…
J.G. Bennett (an interesting philosopher however)
(Ouspensky) (Gurdjieff)? not alive in period
(Hare Krishna gang, grotesque, never visited)
Lee Lozowick
Chogyam Trungpa
Dalai Lama
Da Free John
(dozens of others, from reading…)?
Andrew Cohen
Deepak Chopra
Bhagavan Shree Rajneesh (throw in Ozen, no contact ever)
Bhagavad Gita as a ‘guru book’: exposed many times, here and elsewhere…(check out scanned book here of Prem Nath Bazaz)
a whole crowd of pseudo-enlightenment’Advaita’ fakes
Advaita is probably a garbled version of something that might be real…
the neo-advaita crowd is simply off the wall, but their stance makes a funny sense…
I also did hatha yoga, which doesn’t count…Hatha yoga is not a spiritual practice
I have not included Shiva Puri Baba, who is a question mark who spent most of his life in the ‘forest’.
I reached ‘enlighdtenment’ as noted doing TM mantra med in 1974 (far from the ashram, with no contact with the guru). I make no hard claims for such an experience. This happened before I met any gurus.
When I began interacting with this pack of fools I regressed consistently. Gold, Da Free John, and Osho were especially dangerous…
The so-called ‘enlightenment’ was very brief…I ditched the TM method very early. I do not claim to be ‘enlightened’, the whole nonsense is useless… I have discussed the matter before. The point here is that gurus were absolutely of no help. And mantra meditation was not a cause of anything….I mention this because gurus tend to suppress consciousness…(the bodhissatwa path is one tactic to cover what is going on ) You almost certainly do better alone IF… (some big IF’s)
Since youre already enlightened (blah blah) none of this technically makes any sense…
You have to learn the lesson finally: all these gurus are fakes. Leaving the question: are there any genuinely enlightened gurus?
I fear they are exceeding rare and may not return from the ‘forest’. What happens with them is not what is peddled as ‘enlightenment’ in general
One must consider UG Khrishnamurti’s denunciation of the whole game.

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