The guru tradition needs to be challenged, completely….Gurdjieff’s use of TPH to create alcoholics…(Gold on artificially created diseases)…Osho’s monopoly imitations…

The issue of gurus has metathesized and we need to warn people of what goes on and destroy once and for the authoritarian mystique that legitimates guru violence against so-called disciples. Creating diseases in guinea pigs is not OK in the human real, nor is sacrifice, or tantric murder. We need to move beyond the New Age movement, beyond buddhism (and nix Oshoism in the bud before it gets too strong, it is already a gangster religion).
The Osho entity in trying to extend its range (monopoly) of teaching is trying to annex anything in Gurdjieff it can figure out… TPH to create alcoholics is that monster recent experiment…What is TPH?> don’t ask stupid questions: reread this who blog for some indications…we wouldn’t want this to be public knowledge…

If you are a new ager in pious limbo I hope the criminal nature of guruism will sink in and let’s hope this trashy movement can find a true Reformation…
The issues are at the point of turning violent: act fast and act now.
The range of mediation doesn’t require gurus. You can have sutras peddled from vending machines with a higher success rate…

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