osho sannyasis, a unit zombie cult, and osho the front for a hidden mafia…//I’m Obsessed with Ma Anand Sheela from ‘Wild Wild Country’ Even Though She Poisoned a Town – VICE

The osho movement was the greatest botched opportunity in the stream of buddhist style religion and its attempted replacement. The sheer stupidity, vulgarity and crypo-fascism of the osho figure who was surely never enlightened save for the ‘quick dose’ versions arriving from hidden ‘mafia bosses’. Osho’s quick dose faded in the eighties and he ended in ‘faking his fake’…

He left one legacy: an occult expose of the place of esoteric buddhists in the creation of nazism and hitler.
To have given away that esoteric secret is a sign of at least some hyper-enlightened sanity, and perhaps revenge against being set up with a fake enlightenment.
meanwhile this hidden master syndrome is under suspicion for its attack on global democracy and manufacture of abortions like trump.
Osho disguised who he was and his attempt to create neo-buddhism is a species of useless junk that will as with the path of boddhissatwas turn disciples into ‘life after life’ zombies, Better make damn sure you exit this larger zombie cult before you die lest you reincarnate insider the kind of horror created by buddhism with its mechanized pseudo-buddhas still roaming history oblivious to their fate and sworn to never reach enlightenment.
Chuck the mala and disappear…you won’t be told in your next life that you are an osho zombie…a rich yield of complete assholes…

Source: I’m Obsessed with Ma Anand Sheela from ‘Wild Wild Country’ Even Though She Poisoned a Town – VICE

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