There is no such thing as a ‘path to enlightenment’…the osho illusion

Large ashrams promising enlightenment to large numbers of people are always fake…Rarely, working alone, lone yogies who renounce the world and, usually, tantra notwithstanding, sex have been able to reach the state falsely called ‘enlightenment’….India has fifteen million yogis, a hopeless morass of fakes. What to say of the useless groupie ashrams like the osho nonsense.
Orgs like the osho commune are completely fake and the osho entity knew that perfectly well. If he had thought his sannyasins could really reach ‘enlightenment’ he wouldnt’ have peddled sex yoga…

The first mistake of most seekers is to bite on the hook called a ‘path of enlightenment’. There is no such path. You must start from scratch and find if the term has any meaning…

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