The end of the rajneesh/osho legacy…you can’t have buddha fields run by criminals…

You cannot found a new buddhism on a foundation of the type rajneesh left. This blog has recorded a near descent into insanity trying to sort out the gurdjieff/rajneesh capers. We see now that the ‘commune’ was closer to a criminal enterprise than anything else. Thirty years after the fact it is shocking to see the extent of the crime involved.

Sannyasins ought to be smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall and not inflict this horror on those who approach yoga/budddhas with reverence and who can only go into shock once they realize the sordid truth, not the least with respect to that degenerate driveler and sex pervert ‘osho’.
Give me a break, the saying goes. The other alternative is a religious war already in the process of being seeded.
What do you want? the whole of humanity to say heil hitler in the name of the new man?
Just walk away from it. But unfortunately stupid people can be very persistent.
Unfortunately also is the fact that the osho phenom now is making a bundle from a sanitized version of the osho junk religion. So these poor sannyasins, and the rajneesh disciples seem in retrospect uniquely stupid, are at the threshold of a unique new form religious confusion that will prove very toxic for seekers and very dangerous to culture if it metathesizes into any kind of fascist movement.
It might help to exit the scene by noting that the movement is based on the mala, a picture of a criminal/exploiter, turned into bhakti yoga mixed with engaging but finally vacuous books replicated over and over to make money and a complete stupid set of meditations obviously designed for a bhakti cult. Insanity is your only real future here.

A sannyasin would do will to simply slip away from this strange fiasco, whose future can only result in some kind of fascist jihad starting a religious war with those who cannot accept the claims absolute authority of buddhas over innocent victims. The authority of the buddhas is an object of lust in many, and faking it is imminently possible.
A hard core is going to remain, the more so since the amount of money involved is so great and the disneyland factor hard to debunk, but this is going to be a field day for spiritual cannibalism. Once the drug peddlers grasp the occult aspect the results are going to be horrific, an new kind of mafia.

The verdict, escape and recycle your arsehole bhakti naivete into a critique and a confession to the swindle.
We can see how false buddhas like rajneesh seed the field with insanity. It is appropriate to see the limits of the ashram format along with the buddha format and to attempt to built a real spiritual future of some kind. But it may be too later for that. The whole tradition is a cancer. An near absolute fundamental is to keep criminals from taking over the ‘new age’ movement. But it has already happened. , so,so far new agers have failed at that, so that is perhaps the end of the new age movement…

One leaves with the question: why are so many gurus dishonest…Blavatsky, gurdjieff, a dozen more…and finally osho…these people are suffering a secret that makes them outlaws against human culture…
One of the worst parts of this is that real buddhas are at risk: these gangsters can’t afford to let anyone reach enlightenment: they must eliminate those who see what they are doing and they will try to cripple the paths of those who even seem to be reaching enlightenment…watch out, they will do just that. I have recorded that here, btw, so i speak from expierence: the osho entity will attack you if you approach ‘enlightenment’.

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