Ouspensky 2.0’s ‘what have I done’?

Ouspensky via his In Search of the Miraculous created a virtual goldmine for all sorts of shadowy figures not the least the dead? g-entity. Although ouspensky suspected (and denounced) gurdjieff early on his work nonetheless created an incredible boondoggle in which the loyal adherents were dupes to the exploitation made possible for a new kind of movement.

He soon reincarnated after his death in 1947 and by the seventies suddenly encountered the ‘work’ all over again, with no memory of his previous life, at first, but then becoming suspicious of the whole game and beginning to denounce. (As explained at nemonemini.info i was once thought to be this reincarnation, it doesn’t work: i was born in 1945, but may have had a connection with the ouspensky movement in the twenties onward, who knows?) He became horrified by the reactionary character of ouspensky and turned out not surprisingly, and like many new agers of the time, to be liberal, and then very radical, close to communism, to the infuriated horror of the super-reactionaries of the gurdjieff/sufi milieu.
Slowly but surely a new falling out with the gurdjieff world began, especially after someone in the know (sufi world) informed him of his past life as ouspensky. Few are as fortunate as ouspensky to have someone tell him of his previous life, be forewarned. It also tokened a mysterious revenge process by the g entity against his life, which turned into a peculiar chaos, easily recognized as occult attack in motion. This made him determined eventually to denounce his legacy and completely abjure the gurdjieff work. The escalating fight on both sides is unknown to the dupes inside the ‘work’, in reality dummies in a fake ‘fourth way milieu’ and often progressive liberal people unaware of the way they are used by reactionaries: the average ‘alt right’-ish idiot is too assassinine a dumbkopf to serve the purposes of these gangsters and the best path is front movements for modern types with more or less liberal views, selecting a few of these for transformation into the ‘bad guy’ esoteric sectors (fascists being one example). You can see another of these ‘fascists in training’ in the figure Aleister Crowley, still an outsider to the rise of nazism…
This leaves the odd and quite apt impression as to the rising occult fascism of the nineteenth century (or before) and the (I suspect) somewhat distant connection of gurdjieff to all of it. You can suddenly realize something gurdjieff is coming aware of and indirectly represents (he was no nazi, however, as far as i know) and this will indeed suddenly emerge in the period of fascism then nazism, with the suspected connection to buddhism almost completely suppressed until recently. (you can see perhaps a similar awakening to horror in the remarkable Shadow of the Dalai Lama, and in considerable detail: i have no knowledge or connection with the source of this tibetan angle,but clearly the slow motion dawning horror/expose of tibetan buddhism is emerging, with whatever result). This buddhist disaster should remind new agers the dangers of seeking ‘refuge’ in buddhism: it is the very nexus of all they were trying to escape from, in a very concentrated, deadly, and concealed form).

Ouspensky 2.0 then is not the atrocious author of such reactionary trash as the Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution. He has moved on. The idea that man’s evolution requires the destruction of modernity and the restoration of castes is one the more atrocious pieces of occult flotsam that entered into the hidden movements behind rising fascism (hitler seems to have had a sense of it). The whole idea is completely spurious (readers of WHEE might see what is really going on). This reincarnated case felt a kind of karmic responsibility for the handing In Search of the Miraculous over to a bunch of gangsters who ended up with an invaluable piece of propaganda…

The question of responsibility is a complex one, but it is not in the end possible to hold someone ‘legally’ accountable to their past actions in a previous life. The absurdity can be seen in ouspensky 2.0 himself: the object of two opposite camps, the fascist and the modern democratic, trying to establish a spurious karmic judgement.
But it remains remarkable that ‘ouspensky’ in his next life (and indeed at the end of his original life) abjured the work and sounded a warning to be wary….But the damage done by ISOM remains, and continues (but this blog is having an impact).

Reactionary spiritual types are far more common than we might think and intelligent liberal/modern types should be wary indeed of any and all ‘new age’ configurations that want to exploit them to serve archaic purposes.
We have discussed many times the confused discourse over the ‘end of history’ (e.g. over at darwiniana) and despite its somewhat confused status (and later cooptation as capitalist propaganda) the idea nexus shows the very thing reactionary gurus fear most: the trending of modernity toward the spectrum of liberalism/socialism/democracy and into which in the end the majority of new agers are likely to find themselves (ouspensky 2.0 is a classic case) as they float downstream. To seriously propose the code of manu, reactionary fascist plots to destroy democracy, a gurdjieff-style support for slavery and ancient authoritarian politics, etc, etc…simply won’t sell in modern times and while we can see the half/half world of exploited outer exoteric dupes promoting something dark and uble as in gurdjieff or buddhist versions…

In the era of trump we must suspect a second coming of this fascist complot and its hidden sources (once again i would suspect at the least some tibetan buddhist connection, but the game is far larger and no doubt the gurdjieff world is at best partly on the sidelines).

I would suggest abandoning all new age spiritual paths altogether: they will lead no where in any case and leave the danger very real of being kidnapped/invultuated into ‘manchurian candidate’ hypnotic drone lives and much confusion: noone can rescue you. You can reconstruct a spiritual path not controlled by demonic gurus in about five minutes without the trappings of that guru world (being very careful of the traps, the non-existence of the ‘path’, etc…).
Note: we can be confused by the appearance of racist and other themes such as indifference to ecological sanity in the new right. But the promotion of hatred (rajneesh made this point: the buddhists creating nazism wanted to create pure hatred) is deliberate while the ecological madness theme is a major goof of these antimodernists (their work is subject to chaotification). These strategies require total concealment, now lost in this obscure and bungled second phase: they can’t let anyone know they would promote hatred, but the whole game is becoming public and can’t be repeated as we can see: preaching racism, and ecological insanity doesn’t compute…the whole thing is idiotic now although we must be wary of racist genocidal strategies ever emerging…

So much for the guru proclamations of creating a superior culture. Wishing to degrade modernity seems almost pathetic…

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