Gurus as vampires, and the spiritual cannibalism racket

Gurus as vampires, and the spiritual cannibalism racket


MBFM’s instincts are right. With Gold the issue of spiritual cannibalism comes to the fore and remains the joker in the deck behind the front he calls his teaching (he actually has no teaching, and reshuffles bullshit every few years into a new concoction).
We are getting closer to the ‘motive’ behind the Crime, and the reason people like Gold have a sniggering substitute for a ‘teaching’ to get people through the revolving door.
It is a cynical mafia game, dressed up as spirituality, and a reminder that if you are stupid enough to buy into baloney about gurus or spiritual teachers, being a victim is a likely fate.
Time to warn people, and to demand that the guru tradition be open to inspection, and to a demand for a new way.
Guruism is dead

Data on Spiritual Cannibalism/book download


Comment on Rudi’s Spiritual Cannibalism

mybrainisafleamarket said,
07.12.09 at 3:42 pm ·
Note: The first edition of Spiritual Cannibalism was published in 1973 by Link publishing.

Rudi died in a plane crash in February, 1973. I do not yet know whether he had already sent the MS off to the publisher, or whether his later successor, Chetananda, exerted any sort of control over its contents.

There are a succession of editions of this book, each one longer with photographs. Researchers will need to obtain all of them, by purchase or inter library loan, to compare and contrast contents and see if any important modifications were made.


mybrainisafleamarket said,
07.12.09 at 3:44 pm ·
An article on Rudi here, on a Muktananda expose site. It appears you can also download Spiritual Cannibalism if you wish to read it. All hail the Internet!

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