‘Barry Lyndon’ as a carrier wave signal in a ‘thieves of baraka’ game…//Sufi occultists tampering with hollywood movie…

This  hardly makes sense: it seems to refer to two Gold students (Larry, Landon?) where one is trying to ripoff the baraka of a reincarnated Gurdjieff student (Ouspensky, incorrectly identified to the further confusion of the game), to collate the identities (Barry Lyndon) is one aspect of the ripoff tactics…the mystery of sufis tampering with hollywood movies to send messages indirectly escapes me…Why not pick up the phone and just talk about it?


‘Barry Lyndon’ as a carrier wave signal in a ‘thieves of baraka’ game


This movie came out when I was travelling through EJ Gold terrain, and its hidden meaning (in the movie, not the book) would be totally incomprehensible to anyone not involved in the incidents in question, where the approximations, Barry, and Lyndon were used to refer to real people: Barry Lyndon /http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072684/
Note the plot of the movie, with its story of someone plundering someone else’s inheritance. Note that movies, like sci fi, are sufi games of the last generation, and here Stanley Kubrick, with his 2001, was manipulated by sufis for the obvious strategy of seeing the book made into a movie. Gold is a frequent dabbler in this direction.
One of the targets was the reincarnation of Ouspensky whose lode of ‘baraka’ from Gurdjieff was tremendous. The sufis hyenas were lying in wait.

Making a movie (via drones in Hollywood) is one of the black ops of this gang.
All it requires is telepathic suggestion at the starting point, plus other things unknown to me.

I cite this as a reminder that you are in totally obscure and unknown terrain in the Gurdjieff/sufiganster realm, where one of the exercises of crime is to take away/steal the baraka of various unsuspecting sufis.
How and why certain sufis leave their signature in Hollywood movies (a surface manipulation, not as hard as it looks) is beyond me, but it is perhaps a higher form of impudence to use other people as toilets for one’s magical ops.
Here the hidden message is ‘Barry stealing the baraka of Lyndon’, and how I know that is pretty hard to explain at this point.
My moral is that the Gurdjieff world is an advanced game of black ops, and if you are a stupido in that world you are at risk.

Moral 2 is that even if you actually (fat chance) succeed in sufi game there are ‘thieves of baraka’ out there licking their chops at another spiritual sucker trotting down the pike.

Moral 3, find a real path that doesn’t deal in ‘spiritual energies’.


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