Buddhist fascism?

Shadow of the Dalai Lama


Interesting book listed at Sarlo’s blurb on Dalai Lama: The Shadow of the Dalai Lama


Buddhist fascism?


Here we go, the stuff Rajneesh warned about decades ago:


Visionary fascism was, and indeed still is, exceptionally deeply fascinated by the Buddhocratic form of state. In the late thirties (as the various fascist systems bloomed in Europe and the whole world) Spencer Chapman, a traveler in Tibet, wrote that even in the days of the dictators one can only be amazed at what uncontested power the Dalai Lama possesses” (Chapman, 1940, p. 192). The idea of kingship of the world, the uniting of spiritual and secular power in a single person, the ideology of war in the Shambhala myth, the uncompromisingly andocentric orientation, the tantric vision of the feminine, the whole occult ambience and much more besides were specifically adopted by several fascist ideologists and welded together into an aggressive myth. As we shall soon see, entire fascist systems are based upon the adoption of Tibetan/tantric doctrines.

It is important, whatever the case with the Dalai Lama, that he is also ‘small potatoes’, and probably has no knowledge of the behind the scenes action in the hopelessly obscure Tibetan system, with its connection to actual historical fascism/by report.

Shadow of the Dalai Lama, vs nineteenth century occult fascism


I am having a hard figuring out why I didn’t come across The Shadow Of The Dalai Lama sooner. I have been aware of its rough idea for decades, but without anything to back it up. I can’t match their grasp, if that, of Tibetan Buddhism.

Somewhere Buddhism went wrong, but when, and now?
Without fully endorsing that book, I would say, nonetheless, that it resolves the many suspicions I have had for a long time about Tibetan Buddhism, springing originally from a warning given by Rajnesh over thirty years ago on Buddhist fascism.

However, I do give the Dalai Lama a break, up to a point: he is a secondary effect here. The real problem lies in the action of a group, suspected to be Buddhist and/or Hindu (in quotation marks), that generated some western fascism. This previous generation is clearly detectable in the backwash literature, e.g. various junk New Agism themes like Ariosophy by those who overheard ‘occult whispers’, but understood nothing.
Nonetheless the text of The Shadow Of The Dalai Lama makes a new independent set of charges, which should be examined with care.
But I don’t think the Dalai Lama is fully aware of his own place in the larger context.

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