Part 2 Ages, new ages, axial ages, last and first men and an archive of The Gurdjieff Con

Review of People of the Secret


Update: we have no real data here, and it is easy to confuse the ‘demiurgic powers’ and the ‘hidden directorarate’. I am very skeptical about the latter and have misjudged, I think, their place in the creation/onset of religions. I think I should amend my statements to note that the demiurgic powers should be a part of the onset of religions in the mideonic periods.
Who belongs to the hidden directorate? People like Gurdjieff? He made a total mess of what he did. None of the gurus and spiritual teachers could grasp the rise of modernity. And the book in question here shows that the sufis frittered away their energy in secondary occult subjects, alchemy, freemasonry (rosicrucianism), and the like. And these subjects are highly toxic and difficult to deal with because they are esoteric junk. These are precisely the results of the ‘hidden directorate’, I suspect. The onset of christianity is thus probably the result of two levels, a general format emerging from the Axial Age, from the demiurgic powers, and a series of more specific efforts by various planetary spiritual persons (consider the legend of the magi, useless, but significant), who completely fucked up the whole task, which nonetheless came about. The basic realization was prepared from the start in the Axial period, and the Old/New Testaments sense this with a lot of (dubious) claims they were foretold. What was ‘foretold’ was simply a very generalized format with few specifics…

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This review is from: The People of the Secret (Paperback)
I can’t give five starts to a book like this, and it may contain many errors, but it is worth pointing to the reference to J.G.Bennett without endorsing the whole book.
I think Bennett (connected to sufis, and the book is an Octagon print, from Idries Shah zone) almost got it right. Readers should check out my World History and the Eonic Effect:
We must distinguish three or more different things, and they are all in Bennett, but not in the right analysis:
1. demiurgic powers
2. a hidden directorate
3. the cascade of cosmic laws as in Bennett with _!_biospheres in that sequence of levels.
4. Ordinary men, buddhas, and perhaps men with ‘permanent I’, whatever that is.

WHEE gives some insight into the wrong analysis of epochs in Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe. It contains its own model, which distinguishes the action of the Axial Age, and the onset of most religions.
Many students get evolution and demiurgic powers confused. Demiurgic powers probably don’t have the energy resources to terraform planets or do operations on a global scale: this springs from biosphere (GAIA!). Demiurgic powers can move inside this context like men in a factory but the larger system is different. This is why noone can figure out the evolution of religion, civilization and man, and the hopeless confusions of ‘design arguments’. The Axial Age shows the emergence of religion in a larger context of civilization: this is biospheric with demiurgic co-participation. But religions can arise at any time: men are free to create them. But if they arise in the transition cycle of age periods they ofen prosper better. But the modern new age throws a curve ball: our larger system doesn’t distinguish sacred and secular: note the parallel Axial Age Greece. This biospheric level seems cyclic as Bennett noted and this suggests it is hypermechanical, while demiurgic beings have ‘will’ of some kind (although in Bennett biospheres have ‘will’ in a different sense, 24 laws?). And this leaves the founders like buddha in an ambiguous context. The sequence of age periods is fixed: religions can arise in their transitions like Hinayana or Israelitism or they can arise in the middle periods like Mahayana, Christianity, Islam. It is important to study the difference because two sets of operations are different.
Religions are probably delegated to the hidden directorate, or figures like Gautama, who can initiate their starting points, while their actual construction sequence ends in the hands of men. This is why the Old Testament seems so smart and primitive at the same time. It clearly distinguishes ‘god’ and ‘elohim’ btw…
This can be confusing, the analysis of World History and the Eonic Effect can throw for loop and the Axial Age in India is more complex than just buddhism. Buddhism appears just at the boundary of the Axial period, like the ‘religion’ appearing with the Israelites after ca. 600 BCE.

These three distinctions (or four) go a long way to explaining the confusion over religion, civilization, secularism, etc… We have bioshpere, demiurgic powers, a hidden directorate, and buddhas who clearly did not see anything beyond their enlightenment, a very tricky situation. And then ordinary men. The Israelites were very smart and saw a higher power or the bioshpere where the buddha saw only a ‘turning of the wheel’, with a visit from the ‘god realm’ (???). The gestation of Christianity, Islam, Mahayana (outside of the Axial Age) are thus at best influenced by the hidden directorate, and then human agents, with the Jesus figure in between. Scott is close on many points but this analysis is filled with traps…His take on Islam and sufis is useful at a time when Islamophobes are rampant.The question of the hidden directorate is vexed. Just who are these beings and how do they relate to incarnation? The buddhas move beyond incarnation. There is a another category?? (the boddhissatwa perhaps being an artificial imitation). The emergence of Christianity was a complete mess, yet succeeded in spite of itself. This model may help. Being a part of the ‘hidden directorate’ raises as many questions as it answers.They must support themselves over many lives on the surface of a planet, not an easy thing to do. We have not facts here, so we should be wary.
Note that, and Bennett realized this, modernity is a new age. This confounds all traditionalists. But it is important to see that the progression of epochs is beyond the ‘sacred/secular’ distinction. A closer look shows the Reformation and buddhism reborn in spite of itself, just as Jainism was reborn in the Axial Age, but then giving way to buddhism.
We can see figures like Osho struggling in this context: his commune could foot the bill for a new era, as buddhism tides and then begins to recede…

Note: I am using other peoples’ terminology and can’t vouch for the foundations of Bennett’s system but I think mine is a better interpretation than theirs, but….it doesn’t follow I accept the cosmological conclusions of Bennett about biospheres. But people don’t quite know how to use his system (assuming it is valid…a big if)
This author doesn’t get entangled with Gurdjieff who has confused everyone. Bennett’s take is a hybrid with another source. Another discussion. I don’t know if demiurgic powers can communicate with humans: the scales are totally different.

The Axial interval in the Indic case

I am asked to comment on the current Advaita movement.
I am not able to do that, it is too much to take in as yet…
but I read Dennis Waite’s tome to get my bearings here.

Instead of commenting let me put the question in context, that of my WHEE.

The Indian Axial Age, 900 BCE to 600 BCE is the interval in my model, not exactly the same as the Axial Age, is a tour de force of three things (or more). The transition moves through the classic legacy corrupted with Vedism and extracts the Upanishads and from there the Vedanta appears. This mysterious process then acts on the Jain legacy which is very ancient and the result is the world of Mahavir. And this leads to the third phase, the buddhist. Look first at the emergence of Israelitism: between 900 BCE and 600 BCE a whole new religious constellation emerges: the Old Testament starts to crystallize, the Prophets appear, then just around 600 BCE it is ready, almost. Then out of the blue Judah is destroyed and the ‘Israelites/Judahites’ are in Babylon and the Judaic corpus blends with the Zoroastrian. Then within a century they are back in ‘Israel’ and the religion emerges… Note how the period after 600 BCE is a realization phase.

The same is true in India: just after 600 BCE the buddhist legacy begins to undergo its realization and it is on its way. But there is a lot more there that leads up to this, and the conventional legacy is about to produce Vedanta’s larger realization and is also gestating further. The Indian tradition is thus confusing but the analysis of the macro model in WHEE is completely logical and makes sense of the data. The result goes in different directions, that of Vedanta into the realm of Advaita and much else…
The model produces this analysis without knowing anything about the content!

The Advaita world from Vedanta/Upanishads is almost primordial but it is corrupted by the Vedic legacy which is actually foreign to it. That’s the significance of buddhism: this mysterious process seems to wish to extract the core legacy from the confusing mixture by deleting the Vedic hybridizaition.

The new age movement is dead: the guru model is intrinsically against freedom, hence the fascist ambiguity…


The relationship between a guru and a disciple is a classic combination that arose in antiquity, involved people who knew and trusted each other, and, by and large, ceased with the death of the guru. It was what it was: check the legacy literature before people like Anirvan arose (they were not free to write the books they wrote and adopted unreasonable masochist standards no guru every claimed, in public at least).

That no longer holds. In my case I was interacting with an ‘Osho field’ or a bogus impostor for many years, yet never a sannyasin. The attempt to become one failed, and yet the ‘osho field’ was if anything worse after that. The reason is obvious and resembles ‘rendition’: you are isolated in a situation where noone can check on your status, making torture, invultuation, and psychic murder very easy to get away with. In a global environment where people buy books by gurus with their photographs on the cover a bogus discipleship relationship can begin with any astral entity using that situation for its own benefit. The traditional guru situation wasn’t equipped for this, assuming it was ever equipped for anything.

People can approach teachers for information, counseling, guidance, to be applied as autonomous individuals on their own path, which they must perform on their own. People now are made to feel guilty for doing this. But an ambiguity arises between someone teaching another, and someone taking control of the will of another. Osho gave himself away here by talking about teachers and masters, in the context of Gurdjieff. That suggests, and experience confirms it, that Osho acts as a ‘master’ (which may or may not be the standard definition in common usage), that is an entity, alive, then astral, that assumes control of the will of not just disciples but of whomever it/he pleases, and assumes that entity has no right to say no, no right to be informed of the unconscious seizure of control, and no right to protest being cannibalized, invultuated, turned into a zombie, e.g. fascist zombie, etc…
I suspect this is what happened to the nazis created by buddhists.
I see no indication the Osho entity, now astral, is any different. It seems to be trying to create a new tradition, but now we see that involves huge sacrifices from those who did not realize their surrender was their last act as autonomous spirits. And one problem there is that enlightenment ceases to be possible, save perhaps as a zombie theatre by the ‘guru entity’ spirit able to control and retrieve the energy involved in the fake enlightenment.

I cannot rule out that entirely exterior spirits (the two, three…way system of murder) cannot assume the appearance of the dead guru and carry out impostor activities. I have to wonder if most religion is not such activity, granting that religions like xtianity have at least some ability to police their fields over time, but leaving an immense gray area…who can survey a field of a billion people?

I think the whole question of gurus is over at this point. Sufis and dead spirits like Gurdjieff (and those are merely those I know about) are making the whole game dangerous. The simple solution is to be a witness to psychological invasion without succumbing to suggestibility. Celebrities are completely misleading here. They often get help to keep up appearances that others never get. It is important for ‘nobodies’ to stop indulging in fantasies of spiritual teachers, especially indian/sufi gurus they have never met, who almost certainly have never heard of you, and who cannot easily ‘astral project’ for complete strangers to deal with such a situation, assuming they ever find out. Human gurus have very limited powers: they often reached enlightenment by renouncing occult powers (though not always, who knows). But ‘demonic’ entities are often superoccultists, they sacrificed everything for such powers, only to stalk the astral plane as vampires in torment.
Such demonic entities (often the very dead gurus, false ones) can observe your will, spiritual practice and state, and subtly enter into it to screw your path royally. This must be what Gautama was encountering (his references are purely generic) as Mara, but I can’t make any reliable statements about that figure. His example won’t help at this point. You must start over.

To give an example, I had a successful 4 am meditation practice, til I discussed online here, after which it was shot to hell….And I have often put down on paper schedules of practice, ‘To do’, intents about the future…those are juicy targets for these entities…Are they real? imaginary? projections? Hard to say, and noone can offer serious advice.

Still another brand of confusion is appearing now. These entities know well the need to act autonomously and we see now the perfect trap: the Crowley path, finding your own true will. A great resolve, to find your own will, but not as a Faust using occult black magic. Avoid it like the plague: it is the mirror image of Mara deceiving meditators.

You can reach enlightenment without realizing your true will. Beware of bringing your will out in the open.

A forty year waste of time…deprogramming new age stupidities, a larger social detachment project


A larger social project that fulfills the critique of the new age movement is a response the 2/6 way system of murder taking the form of a 2/6 system of counter attack consisting of

1. an exit from the Osho sphere
2. a critique of buddhism and an indication of its proximate demise,
and this includes an examination of Advaita/Hinduism/Vedism…
3. a call to dismantle Tibetan buddhism
4. a double critique of Islam/sufism,
5. a expose of sufi gangsterism
6. an expose of Islam’s hidden and corrupt ‘soul’ process
7. a call to dismantle Islam
8. an expose of xtianity and its incoherent theology (long exposed by Islam) and a reminder of its suppressed Munzerian communist gospel
7. declaration of ‘war’ against the Gurdjeff Con and a debriefing call to scrap its pretension to being a spiritual movement…
with a related expose of the Gold pseudo-sufism…
8. a request to not subject the exiles of these movements to the inadequate new atheist movement, or secular humanism as current.
9. a further debriefing of jewish covenental mythology, jewish supremacist occultism, the Isreali pretense to a jewish homeland, a call to dismantle jewish israel, and a boycott of jewish new age gurus: the principle duty of jews is assimilation if they course is spiritual teaching…

A new study of modenrity is required to see the exist strategies open here, and a new brand of secular humanism is urgently needed….

Buddhism is over…


I have left the previous post alone for a few days, to let it sink in. Let me note an irony: to carry this program you need asap a program or path of ‘meditation’ or some kind of self-awareness project to really achieve liberation from this larger occult nightmare of buddhists, or buddhas, sufi gangsters and occultists, etc, and you might even go under cover into the remnants of these entities to find the resources to do all this!

The question of Osho is up in the air.

The issue of buddhism is critical. If the final phase of modern esoteric buddhism generated nazism, as claimed by Osho, buddhism is finished. I must operate from now on that basis. The idea that spiritual allegiance includes an automatic Heil Hitler in the name of buddhist authority is so grotesque it is beyond belief. To be fair I think the new age of modernity saw the ‘guatama entity’ long gone as his legacy simply moved into modernity there to reckon its future on its own. Who/what/when took over the remnant sangha to generate fascist antimodernism is thus unclear. And this scenario seems unlikely to me.

Escaping a juggernauat as menacing as even the remnant of buddhist fascism requires meditation to overcome buddhism’s occult dynamite, so better get started…

The mindfulness movement, an irony…


Someone very powerful must already be attempting an evacuation from buddhism with the attempt at a ‘secular’ (the term is misused) version of the core teaching of meditation. Best of luck to such. But keep in mind that ‘santana dharma’ transcends hinduism/buddhism and points to a timeless legacy that would try to create a post-buddhism in modernity itself. It must be ruthless and allow no buddhist legacies to enter into its formulation, which can reconstruct from scratch from elements of remorphed ‘yoga’/dharma taken experimentally. That is impossible to hope for, but who knows, maybe…

The point is that the complexity of ‘consciousness’ is a species level issue and buddhism/hinduism have no monopoly over meditation. Meditation is already moving into the rear window. We can reconstruct the legacy of homo sapiens from the basics of ‘meditation in action’ as attention/consciousness, etc…Someone in the Jain legacy (such as Osho) might be helpful here, assuming he is not part of the cancerated buddhist legacy…

Is Osho correct about buddhist occult fascism in modern times?


I have already reached the point where I can’t open a buddhist sutra without trepidation. But what was Osho’s original source of information in his declaration about buddhists, almost at a whisper?

Buddhists have enough resources to research this issue, and should step aside from buddhism to do that. And the Tibetans need to be confronted here, and their occultists forced to spill the beans, where anything is still known. I think these poor people are mostly deluded fronts, so we don’t know how to proceed.
Very few grasp the mind control tactics of occult gurus and sufis (a very few of them). We have shown here how this blogger could be invultuated (briefly) across continents, and by, take a deep breath, dead buddhas, ghosts!

Is Osho exploiting this charge for his neo-buddhism? I don’t know but I doubt it, and I think that his gesture toward a teaching at least is a reminder that spiritual paths could disappear if buddhism gets exposed according to accusation. I think his own brand is on the line in this revelation.

Hinduism is not the answer so please forget that option. It is not a universal or open teaching and requires rebirth in the Indian culture. Yoga techniques can be exported but they are not the same as the fully equipped buddhism in its original form. The have already turned into a farce of the health and fitness industry. A big zero down the tubes.

I think an important distinction is with the emergence of Mahayana. The connection with Xtianity is not always clear, and the nature of the religion has changed in a subtle way. Read the fine print: noone is enlightened in Mahayana, or so it seems. That generates something very deadly. Something insidious lurks here, what is it?

Someone thought they had the perfect crime done and accomplished. Those evil Germans?
What is the jewish angle? Why on earth would esoteric buddhists wish to destroy jews? One possible answer is the Gotterdammerung effect: the buddhist remnant saw the new age coming, and wished to self-destruct buddhism and destroy the ‘jewsish conspiracy’ in one fell swoop along with their own disappearance. What, was there a conspiracy?

Antisemitic feint…


Some are wondering at my remarks against jews …

They misunderstand me completely. Review the archives here, on ‘antisemitic feints’, and the tactic of snaring Tibetan occultists on the prowl for potential antisemites and fascists. My antisemitic feint fooled them and they almost gave themselves away…

Despite a few bad remarks about Jews I am a strong philosemite  and was hoping to catch a buddhist fascist in the act…

I think the question of jews is also a case of terminal Axial Age religion, and that judaism is ‘finished’, but that is a question of secular debate, no more, out in the open as a form of discourse not action or malevolent antisemitism. I think this is actually philosemitic in the sense that judaism is a quagmire for persons of jewish birth, who reincarnate briefly and get ripped off, and then reincarnate again outside that religion. I think the Axial Age religions as a whole should be critiqued. Etc…

I don’t care to reach enlightenment with the current crop of degenerate gurus…and// The Advaita generation, a real path or a hoax?


The hidden world of gurus is desperate to get me enlightened thence in their camp…In desperation I am being shunted into Advaita where some fast realization might make me relent on my ‘spit in your face’ tactics in the transition by and by guru land.

I don’t care to reach enlightenment with this corpus of materials, or any of the other degenerate gurus and sufis, although I have responded to a Request for Comment on this legacy, which, unbelievably, I missed in all these years since the seventies.
I will refrain from snap judgments and reflect on the thirty books just acquired with credit card debt on the subject.

It hardly matters at this point. I suspect, and this is a guess on my part, that the legacy here is so confounded by its history that it is barely functional. The era of Shankara was the era of the triumph over and destruction of buddhism exiled from India to the vastness of Tibet and South Asia. And the legacy of Advaita like that of Vedanta is based on the false foundation of Vedism, with what confusion of its basic teaching we know not.
The failure to see that the Aryan invasions produced a false hybrid tradition of Aryan mythos and Vedism grafted onto ‘santana dharma’ has made the whole tradition of Hinduism a confusing labyrinth. And I have to wonder if the Aryans confronting ancient yogis weren’t just as tempted by a ‘short path’ as westerners are now with the strange lore of Advaita.

I am not at the point of being able to assess this apparition of the seventies to nineties. But it is being used it appears to create a crop of ‘realized quickeis’ to show some kind of result from the gang of frenzied westerners traveling the India circuit.
I cannot yet come to an understanding of this sector of the great Indian tradition, but it is already problematical in the way it has produced the confusions of Da Free John, Lozowick, and Andrew Cohen. I was unable of this whole side of Ramana Maharsi, an obscure figure who is more than his benign front.

For myself I am still zero for zero on all new age paths, and the sufi connection is nightmarishly worse. A big zero. Thanks a lot guys, known by your mugshots at this point…

I think Paul Brunton’s work The Short Path, in its first few pages can be helpful to many suffering The Gurdjieff Con, a false path in which you can be stuck forever in a treadmill…Escape…

Advaita //destroying the caste legacy of yoga…


The question of Advaita is too complex to deal with with summary judgments.

I am puzzled: why is my opinion being asked for? Perhaps, I am the only one who will speak plainly. I will list the resources I have obtained, plus some videos.
The task for Indic teachers is to create a new ‘santana dharma’ that is free of its Vedic, Indo-European strain, with Jain, and Buddhist parallels seen in their context as part of that ‘eternal dharam’. Hindus think Buddhism is leading people into hell, given our critique of its fascist secret it is suddenly ironic to confront that legacy. But the buddhist tradition needs to be seen in its context as a universalization of the hopeless case hinduism.

The world is out of time to tolerate the law of caste in the background of people doing yoga. And the monopoly of brahman gurus, from Maharsi to the rest, needs to be shattered.

Schopenhauer and Indian Philosophy: A Dialogue Between India and Germany


Schopenhauer and Indian Philosophy: A Dialogue Between India and Germany

Nonduality videos


Danielou and the mystery of Indian religious history


Shiva and the Primordial Tradition: From the Tantras to the Science of Dreams (Amazon) This may be a dubious scholarly book as the old NK charged, but the accusers still can’t get straight on the Aryan Invasion issue…

Checking out Advaita is beyond my capacity, so far, so be wary of what I have to say, but I have twenty books on the subject tabled for study, and questions are arising already. What is enlightenment, given this alternate literature and to which of the writers in this field does the term apply. It is late in the day to discover this realm. I must have been in an alternate universe (many buddhists and near buddhists no doubt avoid all contact with ‘Hinduism’, and are oblivious), so my judgment is not reliable.
But my trusty ‘eonic effect’ model is of some help.
As I approach Advaita I suddenly feel the Hindu hatred of buddhists and am already (temporarily) infected. Did this generate my recent attacks on buddhism?

Item: The Book of Undoing by Fred Davis, Direct Pointing to Non-Dual Awareness…Advaita is now a form of therapy with a sideline for the Twelve Step Recovery world. Question mark. Someone else will have to provide the answer.

I often reread Danielou’s books to remind myself of the mystery of Indian religious history. He had local unnamed Indian contacts, and his account is unusual. That author’s books may be as dubious as the mainstream ones he tends to indirectly critique.
You may reach enlightenment and still be confused, it seems.
But Danielou is worth reading in case you think you understand the history of Hinduism/Buddhism. It is a VAST universe of so many different strains that noone understands it all. And a lot of commentary even from so-called experts is pervaded with basic errors. My point today is that I often get disoriented by Indian spiritual history. It is almost impossible to get any of it straight. Danielou speaks of a Shaivite revival from the third century BCE onward, something not even mentioned in most books. A whole series of things like that. Maybe nonsense, maybe not.
My point is that basic errors pervade the whole subject. You are then subject to them. If, like me, you step outside you can correct those errors, but it is not a good prospect. So each point of the traditions liable to wrong thinking. (A good example is the real history of Mahayana)…I am ostracized by all the various traditions, plus the sufistic. Why? uppity westerner, won’t say heil hitler on demand.
Clearly I am better off outside the whole game of new age garbage dumps.

Here’s my general perspective, with some help from Danielou (caveat lector, here, his books however have a key, I think). The eonic effect shows the significance of three epochs in world history, or four including the onset of modernity.

5400 to 3000, 3000 to 600, 600 to 1800, 1800 onward with three century lead ups, over exact dates, perhaps. We don’t know what these epochs are, but they obviously represent in my model phases in a dynamic cycle model. This has NOTHING to do with astrology or the cycles of the Great Year which has totally confused everyone.

The question is, where does Indian spirituality come from and when does it start, or show relative restarts…? What, if any correlations does it show with the epoch starts indicated?
Note that buddhism, a clear offshoot of the general line, shows the system in a clear relative restart after ca. 600 BCE (with a parallel Jain post-Mahavir outcome). Hindus were baffled by buddhism but in the eonic model it is an obvious sideshoot giving birth to an Indian contribution to general globalization, like Israelite monotheism. Note that the year 600 BCE more or less is crucial in both cases: a religious stream initiates and proceeds outwards. Note also the utterly remarkable fact that around 0 BCE both streams start to generate a new more general form. Christianity and Mahayana, the latter being connected to the idea of ‘savior’ religions. We suspect a global connection of both cases.

The model distinguishes ‘stream’ and ‘sequence’ and we can see that the stream of hinduism (?? meaning) can intersect with the larger macro effect as in the Axial Age and generate an entity, buddhism, that is shorn from its roots to become an entity in global civilization.
But we have to ask if there were earlier such interactions, e.g. 3000, 5500 BCE. In fact, the eonic process never touches the same area twice, but that applies to the mainline. We can’t be sure there weren’t ‘Axial Ages’ or intervals in these two phase starting points. It seems unlikely, but we have to remain suspicious, and here Danielou himself notes the connection of Krishna, a pre-Aryan figure (?) to 3000 BCE, along with a long Jain sequence (?), and then the resemblance of Shiva and Dionysus: was there a kind of Axial Age in the middle Neolithic? Gurdjieff speaks of a pre-sand Egypt and its generation of proto-Christianity ( a dubious claim, but he may have hit on something).
But a close look at the eonic effect makes a proliferation of ‘Axial Ages’ dubious: they follow a very exact pattern. The issue is important because it is rare to see highly advanced entities like Indian religion arising absent a boost from the eonic effect. But those boosts are strictly related to a larger pattern. It could be that a kind of Axial Age synchrony like the later seeded east/west culture/religion in multiple zones, egypt, proto-sumer, india, china….We can’t conclude that but the issue of the source of Indian religion remains.

Answer, we don’t know, but the middle Neolithic is the obvious source of the phenomenon of religion as we know it in later civilization (e.g. the temple religions connected with agriculture we see in the North of Sumer, after 5500 BCE, etc…)

Indian religion shows many signs of a Neolithic signature. We must look at the beautiful legacy of the Shiva religion with its embedded yoga. So, was the ‘primordial Shaivism’ considered by Danielou as the source of the whole of Indian spirituality (proto-shaivism, yoga/tantra, samkhya, jainism), present in the middle Neolithic, with figures like Shiva emerging in parallel with related figures like Dionysus, or the proto-Isis/Osiris cult in Egypt.

We can’t answer the question, but we suspect that primordial shaivism generated the early jainism which is so reminiscent of later buddhism. When? the tradition speaks of 24 teertankers! And the source of the Krishna cult remains obscure.

This is part of the reason for relative restarts like buddhism: the system simply starts over with a related strain. But the vigorous ‘hindu’ milieu carried a huge number of alternates which seem likely to out-survive the now fading buddhism in the epoch after 1800. None of these proliferations will have any system status the way buddhism did (and probably some earlier version of the shiva cult/yoga). It is a pity but we can’t locate the real starting point of what the remnansts of the Shiva cult obviously suggest: it was the source, as Danielou notes, of almost everything that came later.
NK when he was still here suggested the text whose name I forget discussing the diffusions from Sumer. It would resolve many issues if we could locate a single source of later religions in the era of Sumer, or the epoch leading up to it. But it doesn’t seem to work. There is nothing in the Sumerian corpus to suggest either proto-religion of Egypt or that of India.

In any case, the history of Indian religion is misunderstood by everyone. No wonder.

We have already discussed the lineage of Advaita in terms of the axial age and its interval: a remarkable mystery: fromr 900 BCE to 600 BCE we see the eonic system ‘touch’ the stream and spawn the Upanishadic corpus with a related confusing Vedanta (with a lot of ambiguities). The problem is that this larger system correctly sees the red herring of the Vedas (Aryan legacy stuff) and tries to bypass it as it moves via the ‘Upanishadic’ hinduism through the Jain ending in Mahavir and then buddhism. Advaita then has an apparently clear lineage in this system, but….

It is possible that the source of the Indian tradition lies in the Paleolithic and a continuous stream until it encounters the eonic system, but that is just the point, when and where, before buddhism?
There is another possibility: reaching enlightenment was the ‘natural state’ of early homo sapiens, whose diaspora from Africa (one or many) would have reached South India very early and produced early Indic tribes of homo sapiens still able to reach enlightenment naturally. Who knows?

This streamlined account using the eonic effect works remarkably well considering that it has no connection to actual content, but it is still too fuzzy. The full account of India in the Axial Age is almost impossible to figure out. In part because it ‘stepping stones’ between three legacies, the proto-hindu, the jain, and the to-become buddhism. But this system does not create a world religion from hinduism directly. It feeds an ‘upanishadic’ milieu which leads to the field of yogis that produces buddhism in the end.
So it is important to see that the hindu stream is simply a vast disorganization of ‘this and that’, remnants of antiquity, with hard to understand subreligions, that are all localized Indian traditions. In this sprawl we find the legacy of advaita, which suddenly looks to be shorn of its credentials, leaving a question. It is probably close to the core of the real legacy, to be sure, but the overall clarity of the subject is lost here (to say the least). As the lingo goes, jalopy. Advaita is a classic car, but does it really run? Its actual exemplars appear to validate its reality, but Schwartz is already accusing Poonja of creating false exemplars destined to crash and burn (Andrew Cohen for example), and that is very cruel: we are presented with an Indian export given to westerners as a baby pacifier, apparently…
Trust meter goes negative, we should attempt a ruthless examination of Advaita…But it gets a pass via its indirect ‘eonic’ status, but with a reminder that our deft ‘macro system’ which detects a problem with the Vedas, trying to sift out a real core, leaves Advaita with its Vedic trappings, which most yogis ignore anyway.

I will list the books I am looking at:
starting with
Brunton: The Direct Path, The Secret Path, Discover Yourself
the Ramana Maharsi corpus, Who am I?
Dennis Waite, Back to the Truth
James Schwartz, 2 books, Hot to Attain Enlightenment,
Vedanta, Vajraprana…various books on Vedanta…
Brunton, The Gift of Grace
Advaita, the truth of non-duality, Iyer
Advaita Vedanta, Deutsch
Enllightenment, the path thru the jungle, Waite
Teaching tradition of Advaita Vedanta, Saraswati
Conversaions on non-duality, edited, Gilbert
The Direct Path, Harvey
Awakening to the Dream Hartog
Wake up and roar Poomja

plus others…in other related fields….

The Maharsi sphere (= Brunton entity?) denouncing their own reactionary background…


This method is actually proving effective, maybe: being denounced forces entities with the psychic clout to figure things out to check things out, but they won’t go public.
My citation of Brunton at the start seems right, with support in the background

I am chided for not including discussion/reference to 1. Hindu power zones, the gurus behind the gurus…not the same as Hindutva, but reactionary… dead beings processed as zombie entities, Bollywood faust cases..2. EJ Gold and jewish supremacists???/gurdjieff in league with reactionary entities 3. Sufis in the majority incapable of occult action 4. impotent xtians with no clue to anything…5. the only group with the power to stage a fascist movement were the ‘buddhist’. with a swatstika from the hapless Jains?

A larger social project that fulfills the critique of the new age movement is a response the 2/6 way system of murder taking the form of a 2/6 system of counter attack consisting of
1. an exit from the Osho sphere
2. a critique of buddhism and an indication of its proximate demise,
and this includes an examination of Advaita/Hinduism/Vedism…
3. a call to dismantle Tibetan buddhism
4. a double critique of Islam/sufism,
5. a expose of sufi gangsterism
6. an expose of Islam’s hidden and corrupt ‘soul’ process
7. a call to dismantle Islam
8. an expose of xtianity and its incoherent theology (long exposed by Islam) and a reminder of its suppressed Munzerian communist gospel
7. declaration of ‘war’ against the Gurdjeff Con and a debriefing call to scrap its pretension to being a spiritual movement…
with a related expose of the Gold pseudo-sufism…
8. a request to not subject the exiles of these movements to the inadequate new atheist movement, or secular humanism as current.
9. a further debriefing of jewish covenental mythology, jewish supremacist occultism, the Isreali pretense to a jewish homeland, a call to dismantle jewish israel, and a boycott of jewish new age gurus: the principle duty of jews is assimilation if they course is spiritual teaching…

A new study of modernity is required to see the exist strategies open here, and a new brand of secular humanism is urgently needed….


These guru scumbags want to make an example of me: expose fascism and you’ll be invutuated to death…that’s very stupid


The past year has shown me two things: my almost obsessive preoccupation with hidden buddhist fascism (and its sympathizers, among gurus) was onto something (the rumors have been around for decades) and that gurus really are stupid enough to pose a nazi test as a test of surrender.

We have seen all the details however confused.

It is time to take the guru game to pieces, exposed for what it is.

Gurus too cowardly to challenge darwinism…


I have on weapon in my arsenal of self-defense. All these gurus were too chicken to expose darwinism because they were ambitious to not rock the boat and get a lot of followers. But the issue will come back to haunt them, especially Osho, who was smart enough there was a problem,but seems to have lief. One mistake like that and these gurus are finished. If they lie there, where else do they lie?

Meanwhile, mainstream buddhism has been forced to knuckle under and I would guess you are out if you dissent on darwin. Fair? The whole of current buddhism is mostly new age junk cultism…Let’s move on.
We can’t continue a buddhism trying to fix the opinion of an immense generation of liberal new agers into reactionary politics and its fascist dark side…

Advaita a sop for frustrated westerners…?


In some ways the thought of Shankara is far more comprehensive than Schopenhauer’s, but I think that the work of Kant points to a new future of philosophy that may generate a new form of practice.
At the end we will be stripped from the past and these new seeds of the modern will be our final recourse.

The world of Shankara is not one I care to live in, despite the significance of Advaita. This is the world of the neo-brahmin restoration and the destruction of buddhism. I would fear my own destruction from these vampires of medieval Indian domination.

Advaita is brilliant, but is it really a path to enlightenment? Are all these new realized graduates really enlightened, or just seekers with lollipops to keep the tide of new new agers flowing?

The guru model is dead…where do we go from here?


It is the gurus themselves who have destroyed the future of guruism. It was not/is not reasonable to think that another human being who claims ‘enlightened’ has the right to become a kind of dictator of the spirit of others. The pretense that they are needed to produce enlightenment is what fuels the illusion.
I think, ironically, that Anirvan’s To Live Within ended the whole game by trying to defend it: the model is a kind of Nietzschean hyperman with a new morality that can deal with a flock of disciples, who have no rights, most of whom end up as food, ‘gutted souls’ and/or dead zombies in a future scheme of ‘civilization’, with a few demonstration cases for public consumption.

That model won’t work anymore. And I am puzzled that Osho, on the threshold of walking away from it, actually produced another almost worse version of it. I can hardly think of anything more disgusting that the last two years of interaction here, although the Gurdjieff/Gold/sufi brands are probably worse. But Osho’s refusal to respect the freedom of a follower is the endgame coming ot his commune.
Surely xtianity is no better, so…

These dead gurus are vampires who use a parody of a path to enlightenment to invultuate the will and feed off the energy of the dupe thinking this is a path. We were warned: dead gurus are rapidly taken over by something else.

The question is, how did Gautama evade this problem, briefly, to produce a viable religion for a good part of the new era in the wake of the Axial Age? And when did this effort collapse? How on earth did all that end up in a fascist grand finale? Surely in an ironic commentary on the path of the boddhissatwas the ‘gautama’ entity simply passed away and his sangha was flooded with the demonic. The destruction of buddhism in India didn’t help.

We need to carefully research the whole history so we can figure what we are doing. But the dead Osho isn’t going to last a century, let alone a whole age period.

We are going to end up in a wasteland of commercialized mindfulness workshops….

The guru fallacy


The mystique of the guru as essential to enlightenment has turned into a corrupt system. The solution is a simple realization: enlightenment is a birthright, and should not require gurus. Further, the self-interest of the guru is to retard the enlightenment of those who have lost it. Even for gurus, mechanical people looking like they are on a path are more useful. Gurus wish to create little empires, and they need to gain control of people via the ‘path’.
You can’t surrender your autonomy, and the whole relationship with gurus is a false start followed by a realization you have been conned into giving away your freedom, with the issue of enlightenment rendered unrealizable, something you aren’t told


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