An early draft of the G Con archive…updated post here…

…wanted to get it in public asap before the sufis murder me for squealing…Nah, they don’t care…

We have created a crude first draft of our archive of the Old Gurdjieff blog. The result is still rough and not quite userfriendly and we will produce a useful and better proofed version anon. You can’t really read it start to finish. There is a table of contents at the end, browse. We only got about half the three thousand posts transcribed, perhaps enough. But the aim here is to make the stuff public as soon as possible: you can once you see the point try to preserve this unique record of the new age movements of the seventies on.

This is the ONLY book in existence that speaks in public of the sufi soul tech of the plexus seed. The phenomenon is some kind of hyperdimensional ‘object’ that hovers near the abdomen and evidently begins to enter the larger body.

(actually, the author of People of the Secret connected with Idries Shah seems to hint at this issue, and Shah must surely have known, I reviewed his book a while back:  )

The phenom emerges in a group who suddenly get connected, with absolutely no info about what happened or how to proceed.Our disclosure may thus seem counterproductive, but the question is hopeless anyway, so it doesn’t matter. We need to take this away from the sufi mafia, and crooks like Idries Shah, the grand sheik of the sufis, sick joke that is.

Although I briefly intersected with the phenomenon I got ‘ripped’ off by some sufi con men. I have no further access to that but the issue remains as the core of the history of religion. I am not sure but suspect buddhism shows another way beyond soul, but that’s a guess about the confusing doctrine of ‘anatta’, no soul…

the phenom I suspect is endlessly divisible and can be accessed in space/time: this aspect of human existence should be able to enter public access and knowledge.

I suspect however it has fallen under control by a sufi mafia…that means you are better off as a non-participator: such a mafia could exploit this to create drones of a very dangerous demonic variety…was that Gurdjieff’s fate?

This lost cause ‘esoteric tradition’ should be public knowledge. But it already was among the early christians who later lost it, while the sufi tradition in islam has maintained it, although 99% of sufis have also lost it. It is guess this is the fuss the ancient egyptians fussed over with their obsession with the afterlife. It is the subject Gurdjieff thought emerged in presand egypt, the neolithic period that also produced early shaivism, and much else, most of the religious roots of the current planet. The ultimate source is the era of early man…homo sapiens in formation.

This knowledge always dies out, it seems…

The intent here is to make you feel like a kid looking into an expensive shop window with toys for rich kids only. Can’t have. Scrooge you

You have been left out, excluded, missed your humanity, can’t do anything about it, and noone will help you or give you any information. From now on, mope, and eat your heart out…

just kidding…

But there is at least some hope here: you already have a soul, a primitive one, maybe, and that is part of your species character as a sapient (ha ha) hominid of some sort.

So deal with what you have and don’t expect an Egyptian funeral. Actually you sense you ‘soul’ at death, it seems, in a bardo.

But your ‘soul’ is a a crude hominid brand, and won’t last forever, after so many reincarnations, a false term, it wears out, so may you should continue looking in the shop window, you poor little poor kid. hominid riffraff.

I am not a sufi but did spy on them once, hence my info on the subject. More I do not know.

The sufis say, die before you die: then you’ll get a glimpse of your ragged soul…,


Note! The soul question leads into a deeper involvement with samsara, no? You are missing very little. The one case i know of, Gurdjieff, turned into a devil. And his teaching could not deal with its own key issue:his students have gone nowhere, although we can’t see their futures, …

And the problem here is soul formation in one epoch then complete discombobulation in a future epoch. That’s why there are so many anti-modernists reactionaries in the old age/new age movements…

Best perhaps best  to travel light and let death/recarnation strip away a dead mind from the past…

But the counterpoint with buddhism is remarkable: it seems to lead beyond ‘soul’ to ‘enlightenment’, or did a few times long ago til the bodhissatwa racket took hold.





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