Was e.j.gold connected to the occult sacrifice ritual behind the movie Grease and its huge success…?

The disgusting movie Grease, at least to those who entangled with it and the grotesque rumor of ‘ritual sacrifice’ (a term that is a place holder) behind it, was a good example of the sufi mafia’s strange game of interfering with Hollywood movies, one of gold’s grosser vices also, and a costly ripoff for its victims.At the fringes of this world I suddenly noticed something very odd about the ‘one word’ asssonances (john ‘three volts’ travolta, the electronics metaphor of the era of Idries Shah and his electonics hobby???) and have to protest if something similar is at work in the new prequel (it is doubtful the original perps would try again, however…this looks like Hollywood greed/big bucks at work).
This was an example of the perfect crime, almost…caught you!

this is a moral to NEVER move naively in sufi circles.

Let us note that Gold calls/called himself the Great Beast, a la Crowley and repeatedly ‘spiritually raped’ a select few of his hapless ‘students’ is one more indication sufi land is a mafia graveyard…
His trashy book Sacrifices is no doubt a completely stupid cover for all of this…typical disinformation…

An origins film expanding on Danny and Sandy’s fateful holiday fling is in the works at Paramount

Source: Tell me more, tell me more: Summer Loving Grease prequel in the works | Film | The Guardian

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