Reborn ‘ouspensky’ pursued by G’s alt rightist torturers…

A tacit theme of the Gurdjieff Con blog archive…:
Ouspensky was one of the worst kinds of reactionaries but at the end he renounced the work and was reborn in the US where he grew up as a liberal/leftist, with a strain of socialism. For this and in the presumption that reincarnates are slaves to masters in prior lives he is attacked repeatedly with sufi black magic in a bizarre form of torture by the criminal gurdjieff gang….
Note that the sufi soul technology is controlled by a arightis mafia: the left needs to wake up to blindness induced by false materialism…(check out Bennett’s version)
Be warned: such rogues sufis will torture liberals who believe in demoracry and human rights.
Reread All and Everything in this light and the grotesque nature of what is afoot will suddenly stand out…

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