Rajneesh was not enlightened?

The mystery of Rajneesh for those who puzzled over him from the seventies onward was the way he managed to play ‘guru’ or ‘buddha’ without being enlightened. That’s the mysterious side of that figure whose ‘teaching’ was a strange form of treading water with infantile pseudo-meditations and the whole sex/tantra muddle. I suspect that he was a front for some other hidden entity wishing to exploit the immensely ‘profitable’ (beyond the monetary sense) creation of a group of exploitable followers. That means the exploitation can continue after his death from an angle of the ‘bardo’ aspects in a death realm. One can only recommend quietly walking away from the whole legacy that doesn’t even get ‘tnlightenment’ right. Perhaps the idea is wrong to begin with: it is such an immense cliche of indic religion that we are left to wonder if its meaning has been lost, or turned into myth. To get it wrong at that level is such a disaster that we must begin to question the whole tradition.

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